Found this on Beth’s blog. She’s still sick. Poor thing.

What is your favorite…?

Gum: Anything cinnamon flavored.
Restaurant: Manny’s Steakhouse (only been there twice but very good)
Drink: Mountain Dew but I don’t have it very often.
Season: Spring/Fall
Type of weather: Temperature between 70 & 75, light breeze, sunny but not overly hot. Perfect day to sit on the deck and read a good book.
Emotion: Is giddiness an emotion? Because I’m awfully fond of being giddy.
Thing to do on a half day: Sleep. Sleep is our friend.
Late-night activity: karaoke
Sport: Gil watching (hey, it’s a sport for me)
City: Lisboa (when I win the lottery, I’m going to live there for part of the year)
Store: Archiver’s. The mother ship. I try to go there very rarely.

When was the last time you…?

Cried: Last night, watching Lost. But I don’t remember why.
Played a sport: If you count my favorite sport, last Sunday.
laughed: Not sure but it was hysterical, almost fall off the couch laughter over a K-Mart commercial – the one where the guy is going to kiss the girl and her Dad turns on the lights and there are a ton of them and the guy is so freaked out that he falls over. Hilarious.
Hugged someone: Monday. I was feeling giddy and hugged Keem.
Kissed someone: It was Andrew and it took place at karaoke but I have no idea when. I am pretty sure it was in 2005. It was kind of a joke but he does have firm lips.
Felt depressed: 1967-April, 2005. Thank God for Effexor.
Felt elated: Sunday. There was possible flirting. And I am giddy.
Felt overworked: Last year, right before I started my new job. Which is why I started my new job. And during tax season. Which is two months away. Oh my God.
Faked sick: I don’t think I’ve ever faked being sick. I may have exaggerated my illness because I felt guilty about calling in sick.
Lied: Who knows? I try not to lie.

What was the last…?

Word you said: Calling (Thank you for calling to a customer).
Thing you ate: Turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo & salt. Yum.
Song you listened to: Some stupid Christmas song called Ring Those Christmas Bells and I turned to Keem and said “I’d like to wring some necks.”
Thing you drank: Water
Movie you saw: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Movie you rented: Hellboy, Hitch, Walking Tall
Concert you attended: Melissa Etheridge (at least that’s what Beth said and her memory is definitely better than mine)

Who was the last person you…
Hugged: Keem
Cried over: No clue.
Kissed: Andrew. God, that’s so depressing.
Danced with: The girls at karaoke
Shared a secret with: The girls at karaoke
Had a sleep over with: Beth. I stay over there on occasion so we can scrapbook.
Called: My sister.
Went to a movie with: Keem and Katie
Saw: Keem.
Were angry with: I don’t normally get angry.
Couldn’t take your eyes off of: Oh, this is so tough to answer. Who could it be? Okay, everyone. 1, 2, 3 GIL!

Have you ever…

Danced in the rain: yes
Kissed someone: yes
Done drugs: yes
Drank alcohol: yes
Slept around: yes but it was usually the result of drinking or doing drugs. I’m really a good girl.
Partied ’til the sun came up: When I was younger.
Had a movie marathon: yes
Gone too far on a dare: yes
Spun until you were immensely dizzy: a few weeks ago
Taken a survey quite like this before: yes