You know how I mentioned that my Mom was coming over to help me clean my room? Well, she did.

Brief, completely biased movie reviews to get out of the way first. Cheaper By the Dozen 2 was very cute. I loved the book that this is based on and am thinking I’m going to have to find the book to read again. I remembered reading it in junior high and just being fascinated with the Gilbreth family. The movies are, of course, a modern day telling of what it would be like to raise 12 children (yikes) and I liked both of them. It helps, of course, that I love Steve Martin and think he is very funny. Plus, Tom Welling? Yeah, he’s hot. Small part but still, he’s hot. And then there was the bonus of Eugene Levy in the sequel.

Keem and I went to meet Katie at Don Pablo’s after the first movie and then the 3 of us went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. My mother and Kari were meeting us there. What can I say about the Chronicles of Narnia? It was fantastic. Very true to the book, there were a few things different (such as an explanation as to why the children were sent to the country to live) but nothing major. I think C.S. Lewis would have been pleased. I certainly hope that they are planning one making more of these movies, I would go to every single one. The actors that played the children were wonderful, the little girl who played Lucy was my favorite and made me want a child (again. Dammit. At least she wasn’t a baby. And really, she’s an actress, right? She’s probably not that adorable in real life. Right?) and I have a slight crush on the boy who played Peter and am refraining from finding out how old he is because I have a feeling that this is wrong, similar to my slight crush on Frankie Muniz (but he’s over 18 now! Yay! Don’t judge me. He wore a tux in Agent Cody Banks. I’m weak). Okay. I checked it out. He was born two years after I graduated from high school. 19 years old. Sigh. Why are the cute ones always so damn young?

Keem, Katie, and I all loved the movie. Kari liked it. Mom did not. I don’t understand my mother. I thought she would like it but her comment was that she doesn’t like make believe. Neither she or Kari like to read that much either. Sometimes I wonder about whether or not I was adopted but Mom and I do look a lot alike.

So my point is, go see The Chronicles of Narnia. Keem and I want to go again.

Anyway, after the movie, Mom came over and we were going to start cleaning my room that evening but we were a little tired. Mom decided she wanted to go to bed and I was okay with that. I was thinking I could hang with Keem and Jeff for a little bit but no. Mom tells me I have to go to bed as well because “If you are too tired to clean, you are too tired to do anything else.” I escaped out to the living room for a little while but she found me. Do you know how weird it is being 38 and having your mother come and get you and tell you to go to bed? It’s very odd. Jeff and Keem thought this was very funny.

I set the alarm for 7:30 (on a Sunday. This is wrong on so many levels) and Mom and I began to clean. She would not stop. After about two hours, I was looking in Keem’s room to check if she was awake because she had said she would make breakfast. I was looking forward to a break of some sort.

Mom was ruthless. Every time I tried to sit down, she was right there. If I wandered off to Keem’s room, she would find me. In desperation, at about 1 PM, I sought out Keem.

DM: Keem. You distract her. I’ll hit her over the head with something.
K: Driving you crazy, is she?
DM: She won’t go away! She won’t let me call Kari to come pick her up.
K: She is spending quality time with you, Dana.
DM: This is not quality time. This is torture!

But, eventually, my room was Mom approved. Or at least Mom approved enough for me to take a nap so I could get ready for karaoke. I am very impressed with my room now.
There is actual room. No paths. There is space. And floor! I said goodbye to Mom and joyfully slept the sleep of the productive.

Beth picked me up and we headed off to karaoke. I was telling her about the situation.

DM: It’s like she’s the Terminator. But not the nice “Come with me if you want to live” Terminator from Terminator 2. No. She was the “I’ll be back” Terminator. I told her I had to take a nap for karaoke and she said NO!
B: You did take a nap, right?
DM: Yeah. But not until 5:30!

I guess I should just be grateful that my room is probably the most clean I’ve seen it in awhile, right? Yeah. I’ll be grateful now.