Okay, some people (Teri) are a tiny bit impatient and have pointed out that I have gone two whole days without posting. So, without further ado, I am posting this:

I am at a complete lost and have no idea what to write about.

Any suggestions? Questions for me? Should I post the really long, drawn out reason as to why I always get depressed around my birthday and not even Effexor can keep me from getting sad (well, not completely. Although I have doubled my dosage and am doing fine and even have a bit more energy and have actually been exercising (not much but more than I normally do so it counts, right?)) and down on myself? Should I pull out my “Book of If” and answer random questions such as “If you could go back in time and murder one person, who would that be (the answer is Adolf Hitler)?”

Here is something that amused me on the way to work today. We passed two billboards.

The first one is for an antique shop that went out of business because the owner was retiring. The sign reads “Display cases and sheving for sale.”

DM: Keem! Look! We can buy some display cases and sheving! I wonder what sheving is.
K: Hmm. Do you think it could be shelving?
DM: It could be.

Then we drive by Walgreens.

DM: Hey! We could go buy some mlik (mlik is a lot harder to say than you would think)!
K: We could! That would be fun.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got. Going to go and catch up on the multiple of posts that bloglines is presenting me with. You’re all being so productive and I’m slacking on my reading. Stupid tax season. It is taking away all of my fun.

Oh. Something else. When talking to stock holders, I’ve noticed that they come up with some creative ways of pronouncing my name. I can understand Anna and Donna, those are the two most common mispronounciations. But Pam? Heather? That’s not even close.