Okay, Susan posted this meme that she found at Daring Young Mom’s site. I have decided that I’m going to try it.

DYM posted five items about herself and asked you to discover which one was true. Susan posted five items about her husband and asked you to discover which one was a lie. They are both creative writers and their items are funny to read, I’d suggest you check them out if you have time.

Somehow I am going to come up with five items and have you guess what is a lie. This is going to be difficult because I tell you guys pretty much everything. And Beth, I’m thinking you probably know all of this so to play fair, you may not want to guess.

Okay, without further ado, here I go:

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answers were: Writer, Gangster’s Moll and Super Friend.

At the urging of a former boyfriend, I joined the Minnesota Naturists and participated in a swim event. The first time I met his sister was when she jumped out of the swimming pool, completely naked. I also watched nude volleyball. Although I wore a swimming suit, about halfway through the evening, I felt weird being the only one wearing clothes and finally went au naturel.

I once met LaVyrle Spencer at Waldenbooks. When introduced to her, my mouth dropped open and I could not think of a single word to say to her, including how much I loved her writing. She laughed and hugged me. That was the best day I had working at the stupid Mall (which is pretty sad when you consider I worked there for ten years).

Many years ago, when I was younger and much more firm, I was dared to stand on a bridge over Highway 94 and flash my chest. I accepted the dare. I did not stop traffic, although there was one guy that pulled over and tried to get my phone number. I declined.

I have had prophetic dreams come true, including one the day my uncle’s body was found in which I knew he had died. I also dreamt that a guy in one of my classes would be in a car accident on the day of our choir concert. He would end up in the hospital in a coma and his cousin Robin would visit him there. The next day I asked him if he had a cousin named Robin and he didn’t believe so. He wanted to know why I asked and I told him about the dream, asking him to not drive the day of the choir trip. Two weeks later, he tells me that his brakes went out on his car, the day before the concert. A week after that, he tells me that apparently he did have a cousin named Robin…two cousins named Robin, one born the night I had the dream.

Okay, which one of these is the lie? I’m not tagging anyone but I think it would be fun.