Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. Wasn’t that one from my mother just absolutely beautiful? I thought so. All your comments made me a little teary eyed.

Beth has pictures from the weekend located here. You can see me in my birthday glory!

My celebration began on Thursday. Jodi (co-worker) brought me in a balloon, some absolutely wonderful chocolate and a small frog statue. Because I like frogs and have a collection of them at my desk. No one at work, other than Keem, knows that I call frogs green duckies. This is okay because they all think that I’m a freak already. I don’t need to give them more fuel for the “Dana is odd” fire.

Thursday night, I met Beth at the Chalet and we had a lot of fun. Steve (Beth’s team lead) was there with his roommate Katie and Sarah (on Beth’s team. Not to be confused with Sara) also was there. We had fun laughing, talking and trying to get Steve to sing songs that we picked out for him. Unfortunately, Bryan backed him up when we called out the number for “It’s Raining Men” because Steve used the (lame) excuse that he doesn’t know the song. Liz came up a little earlier and James was with her. It was nice to see them.

We then headed over to the Perkins in Roseville so we could continue the laughter. Since I (wisely) took Friday and Monday off, I did not have to go home and try to cram eight hours of sleep into three hours. The waiter’s name tag said David $$ and he was then given the new name of “D Money” because that is the nickname Beth’s old boss gave me and it drives me insane when I am called that. Beth said that I couldn’t get mad because they weren’t calling me “D Money.” This is good logic but there is something about the words “D Money” that just makes me cringe. It is akin to the way Beth feels about touching hologram material.

Friday, even though I had the day off, I headed into work. I had to make a deposit (long story short, my sister and brother-in-law came to my rescue when I made some very poor financial choices) and Keem and I were going to go to Target afterwards. I am working on my room still, mainly just organizing the chaos. It is much better than it used to be but now I’m actually putting things into a specific spot instead of just throwing it into a box. Well, sort of. I have gone through a lot of stuff and tossed things out – that is so not like me.

Friday night, Beth picked me up and we went to Wild Tymes to see Angie. Craig was also there, along with Marissa who he is dating. She is a very sweet girl (but young. Oh my God, she is young) and we like her. I was not feeling very well on Friday, not sure what was wrong but Beth and I turned down an invitation to come over to Craig’s and sit outside by a fire. Beth ended up dropping me home.

Saturday I cleaned my room some more. Oh, the excitement. I also dyed my hair – very excited about finding Burgundy hair dye for $2.99 (I’m trying to budget. It is less than exciting but what are you going to do?), usually the cheaper hair dyes do not have the more exotic colors. Just because I’m a natural brunette (just don’t ask me what shade) doesn’t mean I have to dye my hair that color.

I tried to take a nap but received a phone call from Mom. We had a nice talk and then it was time for me to get ready. Beth and I were going to meet Angie, Steve (her boyfriend, not Beth’s team lead), Craig and Becky up at Century College because Amy was participating in a show for her group, Harmonic Relief. It was great! I would find myself glancing over at Beth at times, wanting to share the excitement and fun that I was feeling with someone. She would grin back at me. Amy has a fantastic voice and it was nice seeing her showcased in several solos. And doing some basic dancing.

Such as the dance to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

Ain’t no mountain high enough (right hand extended toward the ceiling),
Ain’t no valley low enough (left hand extended toward the floor),
Ain’t no river wide enough (hands cross and extend toward sides to indicate width)
To keep me away from you.

We had a great time teasing her about that. Because we are evil.

After the show, Beth and I met Craig and Becky up at Chipoltle. We then headed up to the Chalet because Angie was working there. I received many birthday wishes.

After the Chalet, Beth and I headed out to her apartment. I wasn’t feeling good again and wasn’t sure what the problem was. I soon figured out that it was an upset stomach. This discovery was made when I accidentally expelled air (some people would refer to this as a burp. But that is just not ladylike) and it helped relieve some of the uncomfortable feeling. I started drinking a Coke because that usually makes people expel air more rapidly.

DM: (Expels air) Oh, thank God.
B: Did you just thank God because you burped?
DM: I have got to be the only person in the world that gets excited when she burps. My life is so pathetic.

When Beth and I scrapbook, we get silly and giddy. Somewhere in her apartment is a piece of paper where I have written some of our conversation down.

Anyway, I have to go back to work so I’m going to publish this. I’ll try to finish the rest of the weekend tomorrow.