So. You read the last post, right? You know that my body is divided up into four distinct parts, all with their own personality? Because, seriously, if you haven’t, you’re not going to have a clue about what I’m talking about (and it’s a funny post. I promise. I spent lots of time working on it. Please go read it if you haven’t. Yes, I’m begging. What’s your point?).

So. Last night. Karaoke. Yeah. Where do I start?

First of all, Beth was taking notes last night so there will be a post about many odd things that happened and, believe you me, it will be amazing in its funniness. When one of us whips out the notebook, everyone around us asks “Are you going to blog this?” And we say “Oh, hell yeah.”*

*Okay, we may not actually say “Oh, hell yeah” but I’m sure we say something very similar to that.

But I leave the telling of the craziness to Beth. Because, let’s face it, the only thing I want to relate to you right now is that what happened between myself and the incredibly wondrous James. Whom I adore. In case you hadn’t already figured that out.

So. Last night. Karaoke. He is there. Beth, Liz, James and I are talking. I have just provided him with a wallet insert that I bought for him when I was at Kmart (because he let me look through his wallet over, what, three months ago and I noticed that it was torn and picked up one for him and gave it to him as a token of my adoration (because nothing says “Hey, I like you a lot, please marry me now” than a wallet insert. I think it has something to do with being able to hold your business cards and not having them get all deformed that does it every time)). Last Sunday, on the crazy evening of karaoke (Beth wrote about it here), James was not there and I had given the wallet insert to Liz. She suggested that I give it to him last night and she then bet me five dollars that his response would be “Awesome” because that is a word he uses a lot.

His response was not “Awesome.” He actually had switched the insert for one with another wallet. But he did thank me and then we laughed about how I was having financial difficulties and could I really afford this and does Kmart have a liberal return policy (Yeah, because now that I’m out that 78 cents, I’m really feeling the pinch)?

Beth then said something about how she really liked the word “Awesome” and that she uses it a lot. This would seem extremely random but Liz and I knew she was referring to the fact that Liz was convinced his response would be “Awesome.” Liz said how she liked the word “Swell” and how she had a discussion with one of the dishwashers at the restaurant where she works about the difference between “Swell” and “Swell” (I’m doing just swell! My leg is starting to swell) and that English is a pretty tough language and how we’re all glad that we grew up speaking it because, damn, it can get confusing.

This leads me to the part where James asked me another question and Heart, well, she wanted to respond a certain way.

James asked “Well, she (indicating Beth) loves the word awesome and she (indicating Liz) loves the word swell. What do you love?”

Fortunately, I had not been drinking* and Brain and Mouth were able to keep Heart from blurting out something she probably shouldn’t.

*Joe, you asked about my declaring that “Oh my God, I am never drinking again.” Yeah. I lied. As I said to James the Sunday of my semi-tipsy behavior, “I would never say no to…alcohol.” I forgot to mention this in the last post. I came very close to saying “I would never say no to you.” I should not be allowed to talk to him ever. EVER!

Guess what I wanted to say. Go on, guess. I bet you’ll never figure it out.