That may seem a bit dramatic, especially when I tell you that the end I’m referring to is the end of tax season. April 15th fast approaches (thank you, Lord. You are a just and kind God. Now if you could just remove this plague known as cost basis, I’d be a much happier person).

I have learned a new way to keep calm in the last few weeks. I’ve started cross stitching again (I used it a lot when I was trying to quit smoking. It didn’t keep me from smoking but it did keep my hands busy and that kept me from killing anyone. This is a good thing). Now, if I have a stock owner tell me to hold on while they rustle around for their account number or if I have to call another department for an answer, I just concentrate on the little squares and it helps me relax. I feel like I’m accomplishing something. It has the added bonus of not getting me in trouble for surfing the internet too much (with it being so busy, I can’t justify the excessive hits). And there is the super fantastic bonus of keeping me from snacking in between meals because I’m not stressing over stuff and convincing myself I need chocolate. And then more chocolate. And even more chocolate.

Yesterday both Jodi and I spoke to stock holders who, when complaining about the fact that there is at least a 20 business day turn around time for old statements (and let’s not forget that they have to pay for them because they hate that), found it important to tell us “You know, taxes are due on April 15th.”

I don’t think Jodi and I are the ones that need the reminder. I’m pretty sure that every one in the free world knows this. But one of these days one of us is going to respond with “Really? You’re kidding. I had no idea.” And then lose our job.

I think it might almost be worth it.