So I had a shareholder walk in today. He wanted to sell shares. I looked at the certificate that he gave me. The name looked familiar. I asked if he used to teach and he said “Yes. How did you know that?”

Here it was Mr. Odean. I had three teachers that I really liked in high school. William Odean, Eileen Lambert and Roberta Johnson. Mr. Odean was my history and World Religion teacher and he actually made history interesting. He used to go on trips all over the world and bring the slides in to show us. He taught me that sarcasm was an appropriate form of humor. He was fantastic.

You don’t really think about how much someone effects your life until you run into them years later. There are things I know about history and different religions that I never would have learned if not for him because I (amazingly enough) have a short attention span and had a hard time paying attention in class. He made it easy by just being so fascinating.

I think teachers are great. But really great teachers are even better. Kudos to you, Mr. Odean.