I have decided to jump on the bandwagon that is Thursday 13. Because I can. And, quite frankly, I am bored. Because lately work has been the opposite of incredibly busy and please, someone gauge out my eyes because I don’t want to have to answer the phone anymore (although I suppose that would be gauge out my ears, really, for it to be practical).

Thirteen Things that confuse, puzzle or annoy Dana, Queen of the Universe

  1. Why isn’t surprise spelled like surprize? It makes more sense. And, quite frankly, I like it better. Because usually surprises are like prizes.
  2. Working in the Stock Transfer department of NABABNA, we sometimes participate in what is called a reorganization when companies decide to merge, etc. So we send out forms for them to fill out, along with a list of instructions. What gets me is that the list of instructions will typically have a piece of paper that is completely blank except for a line of type through the middle that says “This page left intentionally blank.” This bugs the heck out of me. Technically, if the line of type is there, the page isn’t blank anymore so you can’t say, in all honesty, that the page has been left intentionally blank. Shouldn’t they write “We decided not to print anything on this page but realized that you’re all a bunch of idiots and would call and pester the people working in the Stock Transfer department of NABABNA about why the page was blank so we’re writing this statement here to help you figure it out.”
  3. Do people not understand that the function of a turning lane is that you’re supposed to turn from it instead of sort of straddling it so you’re blocking everyone behind you from being able to pass you and get to their destination?
  4. Just who decided how we were going to pronounce words anyway? Why can’t it be super-fluous and lay-pels if I want it to be that way?
  5. Why is it that, because some idiots decided to play on the internet while taking calls, I (well, the whole department now) have just been told that I can’t blog in between calls. This bites. Big time. But it does inspire me to get my computer fixed very soon.
  6. Why has my TMJ picked now to start acting up? I go weeks, months, years, without any problems but this week (starting Saturday), it has been very painful. Stupid TMJ. I curse you with a thousand curses.
  7. There was a woman who came in today and got all mad at Co-worker John because the price of her stock went up and she received more money than she thought she would for her stock sale. Um, hello? Isn’t that a good thing?
  8. Why doesn’t Keem want to go to the library? Why? Books are our friends.
  9. Speaking of books, now that I have to pack things in preparation of the move, I have come to the realization that I may actually own too many books. Although that is somewhat sacrilegious so I take it back. I do not own too many books. I own too many stupid books that I will never read again and so I must weed through them in preparation of the day that I will have money again and can increase my beautiful book collection. I love books. They are our friends. I may have mentioned that.
  10. Why is it that I will avoid drama movies, the type that I refer to as tear jerkers, but find myself avidly seeing out an author that I know will make me cry? Her name is Jodi Picoult and she is trying to kill me (by making me cry myself to death (Beth is trying to kill me by making me laugh myself to death (She is the slowest assassin in the world) so they cancel each other out). So far I have read Vanishing Acts (about a woman who was kidnapped by her father when she was a child), My Sister’s Keeper (about a 13 year old girl who was conceived to be a genetic match for her older sister and decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation) and The Pact (about a girl and her boyfriend who make a suicide pact (not exactly but I can’t write more without giving away the entire plot (and I know it sounds incredibly dark and horrible but it was so very moving))) and I highly recommend that you check her out. When I tell you that I like her as much as I like Nora Roberts but for completely different ways, that is a huge compliment because Nora Roberts is my favorite author. But Jodi Picoult is on her way to second favorite.
  11. Why am I so tired? I’m taking my Seraquel and going to bed at a decent hour. Maybe I’m actually bored. But I am excited about karaoke tonight! Karaoke, karaoke, karaoke!
  12. How is it that I can’t actually think of 13 things? I had a whole bunch of them yesterday. Sheesh.
  13. Why is it raining right now? Sheesh again.

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