Beth is going to laugh herself silly over the fact that I’m quoting the New Kids On The Block but it works for this post.

So this really, really, really cute guy came into the office today. I was helping him with his transfer and we got to talking about the fact that he lives in North Hollywood and is a dancer and has been in some movies and videos (and stupid me, forgot to ask what movies) and he was fun to talk to and I had a great time working with him.

He leaves the office. I turn to Co-worker John.

DM: John? Let’s pretend that you’re a girl.

Co-worker John pauses for a moment.

Co-worker John: Okay.
DM: He was really cute (in somewhat high school like tone, accompanied with sigh).

Co-worker John pauses for another moment.

Co-worker John: Dana?
DM: Yes.
Co-worker John: Let’s imagine where that would not be a good thing to say. Such as if we were in prison.

I stare at him blankly.

Co-worker John: If we were in prison and I heard someone say ‘Let’s pretend that you’re a girl,’ I would be frightened.
DM: Oh! Oh, yeah, that could be bad.
Co-worker John: On another note, I wish I could pull off that hair cut.
DM: Yeah, that was cool. And he’s got that dancer’s build. But he’s masculine. Unlike Justin Timberlake.
Co-worker John: Okay.

He gives me that “Dana, you are a complete and total freak” look. Of course, that might also have been because I told him about the Fish Hook Saga today.

While I enjoy working with Co-worker John and Co-worker Rykken a lot, sometimes it would be nice if they were girls. But it is also nice to get a male perspective sometimes. Unless I don’t like what they have to say (such as “Dana, it’s just a shirt. It doesn’t mean anything.” And I will reply “But it’s Batman! Adam West Batman!” And then they laugh at me).