Last night, while watching Dancing With The Stars (shut up. Keem watches the show and I only stick around because I like ballroom dancing. And Mario Lopez is hot), Joey Lawrence performed a mambo (or something) to Singing In The Rain. For his rehearsal, they go to the MGM lot and actually practice the dance on the set. Keem and I have the following conversation while watching his rehearsal and performance.

DM: I love that movie.
K: Me too. Do we have it?
DM: Yeah, I’ve got it on VHS. I wish I had it on DVD.
K: We could watch it tonight.
DM: No, I’m tired. Let’s watch it tomorrow.
K: We can’t.
DM: Why not?
K: America’s Next Top Model and Lost are on.

Shut up. We made a deal. I watch ANTM with her and she’ll watch Lost with me.

DM: So? We can tape Lost.
K: Uh, no, we can’t do that.
DM: Why not?
K (in tone commonly used to explain things to small children): Because, Dana, we can’t use the VCR to tape Lost and also use the VCR to watch Singing In The Rain.
DM: Oh.

Two seconds later, when I get it.

DM: Oh!
K: I cannot believe I just had to explain that to you.
DM: Shut up! Let’s just get it on DVD.
K: Someday.

Man, do I want Tivo now.