I love this song, I really, really, really do. I love the whole album. But it is driving me nuts that, for the last day, I’ve had the following repeating over and over in my head.

“Oh, how I miss waking up to the sound
To the sound (sound)
To the sound (to the sound)
To the sound
Waking up to the sound of your voice.”

(That sound would actually be Keem SCREAMING at me to get up because I have overslept. Kindly added by KEEM herself!)*

I blame Beth.**

It’s Barenaked Ladies, in care you’re not sure. You’ll never guess what the song is called.

*No, I’m not particularly fond of being yelled at when I’ve overslept. She is very loud and, hello, I am sleeping.

**Mainly because she has the best playlist ever for iTunes and this is one of the songs on the playlist and I REALLY like it. BUT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!