I was reading Udge’s blog today and every time I left a comment, the word verification thingy would have “Q’s” in it. Now, you might be wondering why I would notice “Q’s” and it is very simple. I like them. They remind me of Star Trek: TNG and the nickname for myself that one of the managers at the NABABNA phone center came up for me – QotU (which is Queen of the Universe). “Q’s” are happy letters. At least they make me happy. They are sort of like BALLOONS! to me. They are vaguely BALLOONS! shaped when you think about it.

Because “Q’s” make me happy and I could use some happiness (nothing’s majorly* wrong, I’m just sick of being sick and almost hacked up a ton of Mountain Dew this morning because some moron decided today would be the perfect day to drill holes in the counter and the dust was horrible and I couldn’t breathe and my inhaler is pretty much empty and then I started thinking about The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and that really bad scene where that lady almost dies because Rebecca DeMornay has gone psycho and is blaming her for her husband’s death (who is played by John DeLancie by the way who played Q on Star Trek: TNG which is kind of cool when you think about it because my mind goes in these weird looping circles but always comes back together) and then I kind of freaked and I started coughing and then had to walk away from the counter and hide out in the bathroom for awhile), I’ve decided to bring you a list of some of my favorite “Q’s.”

*Did you know that majorly technically is not a word? Spell Check rejects it and I had to check Dictionary.com to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Apparently it is slang and got its start between 1980-1985. Boy, can I date myself. Between this and rockin’ I just scream “Hey, I graduated in ’85!”

Anyway, without further ado, I bring you a list of “Q” words that make me happy:

Actually, sorry, I need to let you know that today’s word of the day is “flibbertigibbet” and I love that word. It’s so cute. Okay. Let’s carry on. No more distractions. I promise.

Please. You believed me? No more distractions? No, I now bring you a conversation between Co-worker John, Co-worker Rykken and myself:

DM: We have a Thesaurus (up at the counter (which I just discovered this morning)). Do we have a dictionary?
Co-worker John: I don’t think so.
DM: But I need a dictionary. I need a list of “Q” words.
Co-worker Rykken: Why?
DM: Because I am doing a post on my favorite “Q” words.
Co-worker Rykken (Laughing): Well, if they’re your favorite “Q” words, why do you need a dictionary? Shouldn’t you know what they are?
DM: See, I knew you’d get logical on me. I need to look at them and be reminded which ones are my favorite.

Co-worker John does not try to be logical (he has learned it doesn’t work, especially since I just accused him of conspiring with Beth about chicken) but starts listing off “Q” words. Rykken does as well.

Co-worker Rykken: Queen.
DM: Well, of course I love that word.
Co-worker Rykken: Queue.
DM: I love that word. It is very cool.
Co-worker Rykken: Yes. It is one of my favorites as well. But you have to wonder why there is the extra “UE?” It doesn’t make any sense.
DM: I know! That’s part of the fun.
Co-worker Rykken: Exactly.

So there are times when Co-worker Rykken and I do see eye to eye. Well, not really, since he is very tall (and bearded. I love the beard. I refrain from telling him that, though. I don’t want to scare him. I already told him he was very rugged and lumber-jacky once) but close enough.

Okay. Favorite “Q” words. Here we go.

Quack – Well, of course. How could I not love it? Ducks quack. I like ducks. I like rubber duckies. And green duckies. And real ducks, of course. In fact, I’m pretty much fond of all birds. Except vultures. They’re not that cute. And I doubt very much that they chirp.

Quaint – It’s just a sweet way of saying odd, don’t you think?

Quite – I like it because adding it to a phrase makes you sound somewhat British. And we all know what an Anglophile I am.

Quartet – I am a secret fan of Barbershop Quartets. I love four part harmony. Oh, let’s face it; I love all harmony, mainly because I couldn’t harmonize if my life depended on it. It’s kind of like winking.

Quantum – Only because it reminds me of Quantum Leap and all that Scott Bakula/Dean Stockwell goodness.

Quash – Because it is like thwack – a word that sounds like what it means. Onomatopoeia is a stupid word for something I adore. Mainly because I don’t know how to spell it half the time.

Queer – But I only like it when it means bizarre or curious or eccentric or oddball or outlandish or peculiar (hmm, can you guess that I pressed the Thesaurus into duty?). I do not like any other meaning that people may have put upon it. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t use it very often.

Quell – CRUSH! Annihilate, squash, suppress! Onomatopoeia strikes again! I quell the forces of evil with just one look! My God, I am a dork.

Quick – For some reason, every time I have to do a rush, I also say “Quick like bunny (but more like “queek”). I do not know why this is. No one seems to know why this is. It drives me nuts but it is so much fun to say.

Quip – Because they are funny. I like the funny.

Quagna – Just because he was hot and it was a pretty damn funny story.

Quizzical – It has a “Q” and a “Z.” Did I mention I like “Z’s?” Because I do. Not so much words that start with “Z’s” but words that have “Z’s” in them. Like quizzical and pizza and bizarre.

That is pretty much it. No, I’m not desperate for posting ideas at all. Why do you ask?

Do you have favorite “Q” words? Or is there a letter of the alphabet that you are fonder of then the others?

And just because it made me laugh:

Your Pickup Line Is
Do you have a Bandaid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.