So the head of NABABNA Stock Transfer Department was talking at a quarterly meeting last week. And he said “Hey! Guess what? We’re not having a problem with the heat! Everything’s been taken care of and it’s clear sailing and life is filled with puppies and David Hasslehoff and maybe a rainbow or two!”

Yeah. Right.

Thursday the boss of my boss (mainly written this way because I can’t ever figure out if the possessive of boss should be boss’s or boss’. I know it is not bosses) came over and looked out the window and said “Hmm. There’s a lot of smoke billowing out of the entrance there.”

Excuse me?

I mean, come on. How many problems can we have with this building? Just checking my blog, I find that there was January 3, 2006 where the heat wasn’t working and it was 34 degrees outside but only 60 degrees in the building (unrelated but completely irritating – what happened to the degrees symbol? Do I have to type degrees each time? Where is the cute little circle that showed you that you were talking about degrees? Was it also the symbol for Pluto? And now, because Pluto is no longer a planet, we can’t have the degrees symbol? Stupid scientists)?

So then the fire trucks came and we got to discover that water got into the radiators (apparently that’s bad) and that meant no heat! In winter! In Minnesota! Again!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. It’s actually March 23rd and I forgot I hadn’t ever finished it and I wanted to link to this post for the post I’m writing now. Carry on.