Yesterday I had peer coaching. This is when a new hire or temp is sent to sit by me so I can tell them all the joys about working here and they listen to me answer calls and maintain a positive attitude, even after being asked “What’s my cost basis” forty-three million times. Yesterday’s new hire was Mike. Mike is tall and stocky and kind of cute.

I noticed he was wearing a hoodie with the Superman logo on it.

DM: You know, Batman’s cooler.

He holds out his wrist. There is his watch. With the Batman logo.

DM: I love you. Well, in a purely platonic way. Because, you know, I just met you.

He laughs.

Later, I am flipping through documents and click on the Star Trek Transcript I am currently reading.

DM: Yeah, this is what I do when it is slow, I read Star Trek Transcripts. Yeah, I’m kind of a geek.
Mike: I really shouldn’t say anything since I’m wearing 3 superhero logos.
DM: Whose the 3rd one?

Mike starts to unzip the hoodie. I see green.

DM: Green Lantern?
Mike: Green Lantern.

This leads to a discussion about movies based on comic books.

DM: I love them.
Mike: I do too but there’s a few I’m not thrilled with.
DM: Which ones?
Mike: Superman Returns. I didn’t like that one much.
DM: What? How is that possible? That was awesome.*

*I am finding that I am using the word “awesome” way too much. Have I suddenly become a Valley Girl without realizing it?**

**I figured it out last night on the way to karaoke). Barney on How I Met Your Mother (portrayed by the incomparable Neil Patrick Harris) says “Awesome” all the time. I’m blaming him. At least I haven’t started saying “Legendary.” But I’m sure that’s next.

He also reveals that he likes Star Wars and I scoff.

DM: I’m not overly fond of Star Wars.
Mike: That’s okay. I’m not a big fan of Star Trek. Captain Kirk annoyed me.

And that’s when I realized he was not for me. If you dis Kirk, you’re history, dude.*

*Because, yeah, that’s the best way to decide if you’ve met your soul mate. Not finding out whether or not he’s an axe killer or married or anything like that. Nope. That’s too logical.