Well, technically it is more of an Easter candy rant.

Did you know that Hershey is planning on moving some of their factory work to Mexico? This annoys me and I will need to boycott them. However, since Hershey is probably the only American chocolate that I enjoy, I’ll have to wait until they actually move and then I will boycott them. It will be a small boycott because it’s just me but still, I’ll feel good about it. Until I start missing the Kisses with Almonds. And, hello, Hershey, yes, the coconut creme is good and all but where are the almonds? What were you thinking?

The chocolate I love the most is the Lindt bar with Hazelnuts and Pistachio paste (mmm, yummy) but it is hard to find here. Although I am fond of the Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar. Maybe I’ll see if I get a stash of that.

I was wandering down the Target aisle and was complaining about not being able to find black Jelly Beans and then I saw a bag. In my excitement, I didn’t notice that the bag said Brach’s Black Jelly Bird Eggs. Apparently there is a difference between jelly beans and jelly bird eggs. The only difference that I am noticing is that the jelly bird eggs suck, well, um, eggs, I guess. They are too sweet and too bitter all in one. Grr. Perhaps I’ll be able to find anise squares somewhere. Those are the best.

Oh and I am also excited to see that the Saint Paul Pioneer Press will be doing the Peeps Dioramas again this year. These are the best. I can’t stand Peeps but I do enjoy websites featuring them.

So what’s your favorite Easter candy? Any traditions that your family observes? Do you enjoy Easter eggs with ketchup and a little salt? Or is that just my family?