So last night (Thursday, actually. I’m a bit behind), these two girls get up to sing “American Pie” by Don McLean and they get to the chorus and sing “The day the music died” in this horrible screeching “Please, God, make me deaf so I never have to hear this again” sort of way. Joe Funko (Thursday night regular) yells out “Is that today?” Yeah, I lost it.

This post by NancyPearlWannabe (or NPW as we in the know fondly refer to her as). She is full of the funny, that one. And this one (which is traumatic but also hilarious) and also reminds me of the time my friend Becky and I were attacked by a dead deer.

Get Fuzzy today.

Showing John pictures from Como Park and Minnehaha Falls taken this weekend.

DM: This is a fish.
John: Yes. It is a fish.
DM: This is a bench. It is very lonely.
John: Yes. It is a bench (this may have been accompanied with the “are you for real, woman?” look that John occasionally casts in my direction. He’s not quite used to me yet).
DM: This is my former cat (Mac who now lives with Beth’s mom). He is playing Trivial Pursuit with us.
John: Your former cat? Did you fire him?

I had a list of things that annoyed me but you know, life’s too short to be annoyed by other people and their (lack of) fashion sense.