I never really understood that term because, really it is not like you are actually sitting on the house. And you do other things besides sitting. You walk around and you sleep* and you eat stuff and you pet the smushy kitties and the 13 year old puppy and you enjoy the view of the gorgeous backyard (you don’t actually go into the gorgeous backyard yet because secretly, Nature kind of scares you a little. But maybe later).

*I don’t think it can really be called sleeping because I forgot my CPAP and Keem made me set my alarm because we are going to go and explore stuff in the neighborhood so I couldn’t have my radio on all night and then I had to hit the slumber button to get music (can’t sleep without it) and so I would wake up every hour when the music would stop and then sleep again for about an hour and so on. Finally I was done with it at 4:30 and I just played Alchemy obsessively. And put the clothes in the dryer. And fed the kitties and let Arthur outside (Arthur is the dog) and gave him his pill. And let Arthur back inside when he felt he had peed on Nature enough.

So anyway, the point to this post was to let you know that I am house-sitting for Keem’s friends Bob and Paul (well, technically she’s doing it, I’m just along for the ride) while they are out camping (scary Nature lovers) and I created a song about the smushy kitties. That I have decided to share with you. The smushy kitties are named Butch and Sissy, they are brother and sister. Butch is a fraidy cat. Sissy is the brave one. It’s kind of funny, when you think about it.

Anyway, without further ado, my smushy kitty song.

Smushy faced kitties!!!!
I love the smushy faced kitties!
They are cute!
Sometimes they cuddle with me!
Smushy faced, smushy faced kitties!!!!*

*The last note of kitties is held for a really long time and is completely off key. Because that’s how I roll. Plus it makes Keem laugh and call me a dork.

I hope you enjoyed this morning’s Song Styles by Dana. I’ll be here all weekend. Enjoy the pork. Do not eat the kitties!