I have one credit card and one loan. Somehow this has prompted mailings from roughly 5,000 different creditors who all want me to open up a credit card with them. Including the people I have a credit card with already. I do not need any more credit, people! I am not a responsible adult! My sister is in charge of my paycheck and I have to clear purchases with her. In effect, this means I have an allowance. Stop sending me these things!

Although I was really tempted by the Barnes and Noble credit card. Because books are pretty. But I have remained strong.

Also I made a donation to the World Wildlife Fund. Because animals are also pretty (and I love pandas). I am now getting hit up for every single bleeding heart animal organization that exists. I like animals. I like them a lot. But I can’t save them all. And then today, today I checked the mail (only check it every few days) and there was the letter from the Sierra Club. Who wants me to stop the Bush organization from destroying the Giant Sequoia trees.

Trees? I love trees! I adore them! I hug them every chance I get! Way to apply to my weakness, people!

God, I am such a sap. Next thing you’ll know there’ll be a Save the Books organization.

4 down, 26 to go. I’ll try to come up with something more exciting tomorrow.