You know how I said in my last post about how Enchanted was a great movie if you believed in fairy tales & that people should burst into song and dance at any provocation?

Last night that happened to me. Not exactly people but suddenly there was a production of West Side Story taking place in my living room. Starring cats (in case the title didn’t give it away). Eddy defending his turf, taking the role of the Jets. And Sebastian (my sister Kari’s cat who is staying with us while she, Eric & Josh are visiting our mother in San Diego) aptly playing the Sharks.

It could be that I was very tired, having been dropped off by Beth at 3 AM this morning. It could be because I ran out of Seroquel on Friday night and Saturday night (technically Sunday morning at 7 AM) I relied on Tylenol PM which meant that I was up at 1:30 PM on Sunday. It could be because that I’m slightly insane.

But there was Eddy, lying in the middle of the living room, allowing me to pet him until he stalked off through his brown tuby thing (with pink trim (I’ve mentioned that I’m really fond of the brown/pink combinations, right?)). Maybe he was trying to hide but the tuby thing also makes a lot of crackling noise and Sebastian came into the living room. Eddy’s movements became more dramatic as he stalked through the tube. I seriously thought he was going to start doing the dance to the Jet song.

Eddy and Sebastian circled around each other. There was some hissing. There was spitting. There was the flailing of paws in each other’s directions (they didn’t actually touch each other). I was waiting for Sebastian to start singing “Keem!!! I just met a girl named Keem!!!” but then I remembered that Sebastian was supposed to be the Sharks and so he couldn’t be Tony.

I mentioned that I was really tired, right? I would try to sleep and then there would be a crash or a hiss or something. And Keem kept sleeping through it. I’d get up, go and lecture them. Tell them that they were cousins and needed to start getting along. Pet them an equal amount of time so they didn’t get jealous of each other (please. Like that worked). So it’s not that weird that I would start imagining a bunch of orange cats singing “Gee, Officer Krupke.” Right?

At about 5 AM, I probably had been asleep for about 15 minutes (only because I put a blanket over my head) when Keem called my name.

Keem: Dana! Go deal with Sebastian!
DM: What’s he doing?
Keem: Jumping on my bed, meowing piteously and then jumping off and walking away.
DM: Oh, yeah. He does that apparently. I told you he was a talker.
Keem: That’s fine but I need to sleep!
DM: Please. You completely missed Cat Side Story.

I then demostrated Eddy’s odd ballet like stalking motions. Keem told me I was insane. Sebastian finally shut up at about 6 AM when he found his way into Keem’s closet. He likes closets.

I talked to Kari today (after I realized I let my entire immediate family go off to San Diego without finding out where they were staying. Fortunately they all have cell phones) and she said that Josh is already saying he doesn’t have a kitty anymore. Kari told him that no, that wasn’t true. Eddy and Sebastian are cousins and so they’re just having a sleep over. I think it is very amusing that we both refer to the cats as being cousins (and Mom loves it when I refer to Eddy as her grandcat (not that she acknowledges him in any way. He is bereft of grandmotherly love)).

I mentioned I was tired, right? This post may have not made any sense.