For some reason, I have the theme song for One Day at a Time in my head and that’s how it starts so that’s what I’m titling this post. 

Anyway, posting and commenting will be intermittent for the next eleven days (11!  Count them!  It is awesome).  Tomorrow starts the "2nd annual Keem and Dana go drive around Wisconsin aimlessly" road trip.  We have a better idea of where we’re going this year, last year we planned our trip by going to the Rest Top at the Wisconsin border and grabbing brochures of whatever sounds good. 

Our plans include going to the Minnesota Zoo with our friends Katie and Jamie (you may remember him as my future fake husband.  Although our fake marriage is off again.  I’m not sure what he did but he annoyed me somehow.  It might have been because he said we couldn’t have a pink flamingo lawn ornament at our future home) tomorrow.

And then we are off.  Off to La Crosse, to pick up Keem’s mom.  Then we will go to many places.  I am very excited.

Some of the highlights of our trip will be visiting the Dells Mining Company, the Mustard Museum, a train museum which has an ACTUAL TRAIN that WE CAN RIDE ON! (Why, yes, I am excited & I’m not sure what the link is), and also the Flamingo hotel where I will take a picture of what might actually be the largest Pink Flamingo sign in America.

I like flamingos.  They are pretty and pink and make me happy.

Hope you all have a great week or so!