I am sitting over at Beth’s house right now. We are both on our respective laptops (she is loading pictures from her recent trip to Chicago, I am checking Bloglines to see who has updated lately).

The television is on but we’re not really paying that much attention to it.

Some lady is blabbing in the background about the wine country or something. She says something that strikes me as odd. I turn to Beth.

“Did she just say they planted hand grenades in their yard for landscaping?”

Beth starts laughing.

Apparently they planted grapes. Possibly Concord grapes. Not hand grenades.

We also are kind of flipping through the channels and have landed on something called “Sex Talk.” Four women are being interviewed about something called ExtenZe. It’s a male enhancement that will apparently increase a man from smaller to “double barrelled.”

If you get the free trial, they’ll send you two cans of the ExtenZe drink.

Beth – It’s penis in a can! What do you think would happen if you mix that with Red Bull?

Then this complete bimbo is interviewing random couples on the street and amazingly enough, all the men use ExtenZe. And wow! It’s so great!

Apparently this is a cleverly disguised infomercial. And when I say cleverly, I mean completely disturbing.

This is a weird, weird world we live in.