How I hate Mondays.  Let me count the ways.

  • My lower back is tied up in knots and I come very close to screaming if it is touched.  Let me just suggest that you don’t do this if your chiropractor is trying to adjust you.  It can frighten him.
  • I had a crappy work week and my weekend, which I thought was going to be fun and exciting, ended up trying to kill me.
  • I first figured there was a problem on Saturday when I was having the worst time trying to catch my breath after finishing mowing Beth’s yard.
  • Then my heart started racing and I thought for a moment it would break from my chest, like a bat out of hell (if you can catch the two songs I am referencing here, I will be very impressed).
  • The world’s worst headache ever decided we should wrestle with each other.
  • Took a nap and 4 ibuprofen tablets and nothing touched it.
  • When I was standing at the top step of her basement stairs, got incredibly dizzy and almost fell backwards, that was a pretty good indication that something was wrong.
  • Throwing up kind of drove the message home.
  • My cell phone was dead and I couldn’t call anyone but fortunately Keem was online.  I told her the problem and she said I should come home.  Since Beth was at work, Keem offered to come get me.
  • After almost throwing up twice more on the way home, I was ordered to bed by Keem.
  • Kalli expressed her joy to see me by trying to chew off my toes and fingers.  Although the gnawing did help on one of the mosquito bites.
  • Sunday was spent drinking a lot of water and staying in bed.  My lower back hates my bed.  Very, very much so.  Which is why it hurts so much today.
  • Both Keem and the chiropractor think I was probably dehydrated. 
  • The headache is finally gone, lost the rematch when my neck was adjusted.
  • Today I do not feel like throwing up.  Which is a good thing.  I just hurt.  Not as badly as I did yesterday but still, would rather be home in bed.
  • I am to warm up in the morning and cool down in the evening (heating pad on lower back in morning, ice pack at night).
  • Incredibly busy today with a ton of stuff in our virtual library Inbox.  I’ll be updating most of the morning.  Then I get to listen to some calls that went horribly, horribly awry and had to be "pulled" for training purposes.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to spend some time catching up on my monitorings.
  • Must get back to work.  Hope you all had a good weekend and a much better Monday morning then I am.