I want to start posting more. But lately, I seem to be at a loss for words and after reading some past posts of mine (does anyone remember alien Jesus?), I have decided that I’m not as funny as I used to be. Or I just don’t have a life anymore (damn you, Chalet for cancelling Karaoke Sundays! Damn you!). Something. Anyway, to sort of kick start my way towards NoBloPoMo (or whatever the heck it was), I thought I would vist the Flickr photostream of my past, pick some pictures I haven’t posted before and remark on them. Maybe I will find the funny again.

Today I bring you candy bars from Canada. These were purchased at the tiny truck stop/convenience store where Beth and I stopped for breakfast (mainly because we had driven for miles and it was the only place we found. And, I’d like to add, one of the best fried egg sandwiches I’ve ever had was served there). These pictures were taken on May 17th, 2006. And no, I have not yet scrapbooked them. Why? Because I’m still working on Portugal from 2005. I’m a slow scrapbooker. I admit it.

These are pre-Zoe pictures. I kind of miss this camera because it had a heck of a zoom but everything else sucked. It was too big, too bulky and did not work well with my shaky, shaky hands.

Our first picture is a marvel with its subtle subliminal hints.

Dana 3 104

Why yes, I will Eat-More, candy bar! Thanks for suggesting it!

And then we have a Kit Kat. Why, we have these at home! Canada and Minnesota aren’t too different. Viva la Kit Kat.

Dana 3 102

Oh, wait. This is an exotic Kit Kat. There’s a new addition to it. Let’s check it out. Mmm. Peanut Butter. How different!

Dana 3 103

Except doesn’t arachnid mean spider? I’m eating butter made out of spiders? I’m seriously disturbed now.

And now for the piece de resistance – the Mirage bar!*

*Aren’t you impressed with my French? So fitting when posting about Canada.

Dana 3 099

Featuring Bubbly milk chocolate!

Dana 3 100

If I remember correctly, the candy bars travelled back to Beth’s apartment and sat there for about a year. And then when Beth found them, I tried to eat one (can’t remember which one it was) and was seriously disgusted. Probably because the candy was stale. Not because I found any spiders.

There. A small snapshot (pun intended) of a great day where Beth and I proved once again that the smallest possible things are worth laughing over. The post from this day is located on Beth’s blog, where there are more pictures and tales of nuttiness. Including pictures of me hugging a tree.