I am really, really sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Blowing my nose has become an exercise in grossness because the force is so strong, I have managed to get mucus all over myself at least once a day this week. That’s fantastic. Makes me feel really special.

My co-workers think I am nuts because I am draping a Puffs tissue with Vicks over my nose and (well, as much as I can) inhaling deeply. I’m used to them thinking I’m nuts. And I really love the smell.

A few minutes ago, a bull elephant mistook me for his mate. Or it could have been a gander. I’m so sick, I can’t tell the difference.

I was supposed to go to a volunteer event tonight to “Feed My Children.” We would have been putting together boxes of food to ship overseas to starving children. I will not be doing that because I really don’t want to send my putrid, disease causing germs to them as well. Or infect anyone else.

I was looking forward to karaoke again tonight but will instead be doing the same thing I’ve done every night this week, curled up in bed, trying to breathe and cursing the rat bastard that got me sick.

Okay, enough whining. Here’s a picture of absolute cuteness to make me feel better.

Kalli and Eddy

Kalli needs to be by Eddy. All the time. And this is not as cute as you would think. Typically she is trying to eat him. Poor Eddy. Hopefully she’ll calm down soon.