Other than the fact that I’ve almost done a nose dive onto my keyboard because I cannot stay awake no matter what I do, today is a good day.

Today Keem and I got the results of our 2nd exam from the chiropractor – to find out how we are doing after seeing him for almost an entire month.  It was amazing.  I knew I was feeling better but to actually see the difference. 

Apparently when I first started going, I had the "Points" (something to do with range of movement or something.  A high point score is bad) of someone who had just been in a car accident.  It was at 350 or something like that.  A month later there is 47% change for the better.  I can almost touch my head to my left should (my left side is very weak.  If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I had a stroke (not storke which is what I typed)), my left arm is almost virtually pain free (used to feel like someone took my ligaments and twisted them up) and I wake up in the morning feeling almost energized.  Now my points are at 170. 

Not that I’m completive but am I annoyed that Keem’s points were at 160 to begin with?  Uh, yes.  But this explains why I was always in pain when we went anywhere.  And she thought I was a whiner!  Hah!  Am I also annoyed that Keem weighs 20 pounds less than me?  Yes.  Am I going to do something about that?  I’m going to damn well try.

Today, in an effort to avoid the candy dish Keem has on her desk, I have taken to instead walking out the door on the East and walking through the parking lot to the West side.  Then I’ll go to the bathroom or whatever and walk back outside again.  I’ve done this 3 times, it isn’t causing horrific pain and I feel somewhat better.  Things are good.

Oh, and the rat bastard cold I’ve had for the last week or so is finally starting to go away.  About time.

We have to have a consultation about exercise one of these days.  I’m really, really excited about that (no, I’m not)!  I just love to exercise (no, I don’t.  I hate it)!  I’m going to be happy and perky about this until it kills me (it probably will)!

Now I have to go to the break room and get some water.  Since that’s on Keem’s side of the building, it calls for more walking.  Am I actually looking forward to this?  A little.  Does that mean I’m insane?