We received an email today from our supreme commander (boss’s boss’s boss’s boss) that one of my co-workers passed away. His name was Kelly and he was a sweet and funny man. I didn’t know him that well (since he was up there in the high echelons of the company) but he always had a smile for me and would occasionally ask me if I was still going to karaoke (which was something that was brought up in my first “Welcome to NABABNA Stock Transfer” meeting four years ago).

I am leaving work early today because I started crying when talking to my boss (the awesome Cheryl). I’m crying now. I’m trying to stop but there’s so many things piling up on me again. It’s the end of the month so there was a lot of stress over getting all of my calls monitored. I updated 20 items in our Internal Library which took me all day. When I got the email, I started thinking about how I would feel if anything happened to Cheryl. And, of course, I keep forgetting to take my Effexor. Cheryl said she’s going to add that to my job requirements. Maybe if my raise rides on it, I’ll remember (yes, she’s kidding).

Have a good night. Don’t die. I hate it when people die.

On a lighter note, last night I opened up the mail box and was incredibly excited to see this:

I love www.despair.com with all my heart. Is that wrong?