So Keem is telling me this morning about this odd dream she had. Long story short, she and Patrick Dempsey are wandering through this old building. Now I can think of worse things to dream about than spending time with Patrick Dempsey (had a serious crush on him after “Can’t Buy Me Love”) so I expect that this will be an interesting glimpse into my roommate’s psyche.

And boy howdy, it is.

Apparently the old building is filled with lions and sharks. Together. Living in harmony.

DM: Are they land sharks?

Apparently not. Nor is the building filled with water. But the sharks are getting around somehow and they are hungry. So are the lions.

Keem: So I run off and leave Patrick Dempsey…
DM: Wait. You left him behind?
Keem: Yes.
DM: What happened?
Keem: The lions and sharks got him.
DM: You didn’t go save him?
Keem: I’m not going into a room with lions and sharks!
DM: You let Patrick Dempsey die. I can’t believe you let him die. That’s so mean.
Keem: It was more of a “Save yourself” situation so I did.

After that, the dream turned into some weird thing where there was a fake T. Rex wandering around trying to kill Keem and one of our co-workers showed up and distracted the dinosaur with something shiny.

The dream reminded me of Saturday Night Live when it was funny and the Land Shark skit. I miss that skit. Let’s see if it is on YouTube. I couldn’t find it but I did find it here in case you need reminding of the greatness of the Land Shark.