I have a splitting headache so I am going to post quickly, take some ibuprofen and then enjoy a quick nap. I am over at Beth’s and managed to complete two whole pages last night for my Portugal scrapbook! Whoo! I’ll probably scrapbook more while she is at work but it is more fun when she is here.

Anyway, been visiting The Daily Meme every once in awhile when I am at a loss for words and found a photo hunt for Saturdays. Looks like fun. Today’s topic was Reflection so I found some pictures I’m fond of taken over the years.

Dana 3 440

I like this one. It is from a trip to Canada that Beth and I took in May of 2006. I think it is cool that you can see the reflection of the trees in the rearview mirror but also see part of a picture on Beth’s laptop.

Dana 5 277

This isn’t the best picture but it is light reflecting off the water drops that are flying off of one of the waterfalls we stopped at on our way to Canada. I liked the way it looked.


I think we all know that I am fond of flamingos, right? What’s not to like? They are pink and birds. Totally awesome.

I like reflections

August 5th, 2005. This was one of the many times Beth, Keem and I went to Manny’s. I’m not sure why we went in August but hey, not going to complain about steak.


I’m quite proud of this picture. I like the sepia tone to it and it is one of three that I use as a backdrop on my work computer.

Bridge over saturated water

This is another one that I really like and also use as a backdrop at work. Plus I have it in a frame. I have a lot of pictures at work.

Couldn't tell you how I did it

I have no idea how I got this to work. But I love it. What I really like about it is how the water is reflecting the green and yellow of the surrounding flowers and plants and you can only see them in the water. This is the 3rd work backdrop photo and they were all taken around the same time when Keem and I used to go walking and taking pictures. We want to start doing that again but of course winter is trying to thwart us.

Okay, all. Have a great weekend. Vittum out.