I am not a big fan of the Monday. Especially this close to the end of the month. So yes, I’m falling back on The Daily Meme for some help here.

This one is called Moody Monday and suggests you post a picture of your mood. Today’s mood is vengeful. Gosh, this is right up my alley today.

1. Desiring vengeance; vindictive.
2. Indicating or proceeding from a desire for revenge.
3. Serving to exact vengeance.

Since I really have no life and the children (cats) are sparring in the living room, here are my babies with their most vengeful looks. And for the love of God, Kalli, leave Eddy alone. You would think that long lasting growl would be a clue that he wants you to leave him alone.

I am your kitten overlord

I am still fond of this picture, even though she isn’t this small anymore. Every time I turn around, she is longer and fluffier. And not listening when I tell her to quit growing.

Get rid of the kitten or your computer gets it.

I like to think Eddy is telling Keem that this is revenge for Kalli. There are many times I catch him looking at us with this expression. The “Why did you think I needed a little sister?” look or, possibly more accurately, the “I am going to kill you in your sleep for this pain you have visited upon me.” look.

Tired. Going to bed. Have to monitor 16 calls a day this week. 3 days left of it. Oh, and we can’t put in any over time anymore. You have to tell me this now? So much for working late to get caught up. Grr.