On Tuesday, in between my appointment at the doctor (where I got to have blood drawn and get stabbed twice (okay, I got a flu shot and a tetanus shot) in the shoulders) and the mammogram appointment at the hospital (where my breasts were slammed between cold plastic and turned into pancakes), my sister Kari and I went to get our hair cut.

I had originally thought about trying to see if I could pull off Maggie Gyllenhaal’s most recent haircut (posted on Go Fug Yourself here) but Kari was flipping through books with different hair styles. And there I saw it. This cute, adorable pixie cut. Could I pull it off? Would it be too short? What the heck. I was going to try it.

My hair is now two inches long (except for my bangs, they are a tad shorter but have been fixed since my last “Oh my God, I can’t stand my hair anymore. Where are the scissors?” breakdown) and, if I do say so myself, quite adorable. I love my hair. My hair loves me. I even styled it this morning.

As we were driving to the boob squishing appointment, Kari asked me what I thought of her hair cut. I told her I thought it was cute (it is).

Kari: I didn’t really look at it.
DM: What? You didn’t check it when she showed you the finished product?
Kari: No. I hate that part. I just want to say yes, yes, let me on my merry way.
DM: Wait. You mean you don’t stare at yourself in the mirror and think about how cute you are?
Kari: No! Do you?
DM: Yes! That’s my favorite part!
Kari: Well, obviously you don’t have any self confidence issues.
DM: Why would I? I’m freakin’ adorable! Who wouldn’t love me? I’m me!

I have noticed that when I like my hair, I feel much better about myself. So hopefully, I’ll continue this “Gosh, I am so great” feeling. Plus, very excited to learn that I lost a “couple” of pounds from the last time I went to the doctor. Yay!

I promise to post pictures of my hair and the cats soon, including the reason why Keem and I are not having a Christmas tree this year.

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PICTURES!!!!! (Please.)

Gravatar Uh oh, cats climbing everything? Ah well, you can enjoy other people’s.

Gravatar I second pictures, and am envious. My hair is a bloody mess, I have abandoned my stylist, the man cut my hair perfectly for years and then started giving me this cut where I looked like I stepped out of a 70’s horror show, ends all curled in and daft. So no more, and don’t know whom to go to, and am miserable and my hair is up all the time and I am miserable, did I mention??