So part of my job is tracking who has sent in questions to our Electronic Library here at NABABNA.  We have a log that I have to type in information about who sent what and if we added it.  Last week, I was somewhat tired and found myself nodding off at my desk.  You know, your eyes start drooping, your head starts bobbing and next you know, you’re drooling on your keyboard.  So far I’ve been able to avoid the keyboard drooling.

Anyway, I notice this happening last week and manage to wake myself up a little bit.  I stare at what I was typing.  It was supposed to be a brief description of a problem we had here, where we found out certain replacement checks had to be ordered through a different department instead of following our normal procedure.  But that’s not what I wrote.  No, I ended up typing “Certain Department/Cowboys cannot work together.”  What?  This makes no sense at all.  What does the certain department have against cowboys?  Is there a range feud? 

Today it happens again.  Except this time it is not in the log, it’s in the actual Electronic Library.  The one that gets read daily by tons of people.  And what I’ve written could have been displayed on the front page for all to see that I am completely insane.

Today’s information for the representatives?  “Information has been added to the Electronic Library about cashing pirates.”

WTF?  Am I on drugs that I am not aware of?  Do I have a rich fantasy life involving work, pirates and cowboys?  I have no clue.  And the real question – since when can pirates be exchanged for goods and services?

Prior Comments

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at this. I can’t wait to see what comments you get from co-workers. Go to bed early, Miss Dana.

Gravatar Whatever drugs they are, I’d like some of them, please 😛

Gravatar Pirates, they are good for almost anything. Arrrrrrrgggggggggg

Gravatar Sleep more! I know you can, anywhere, obviously! This is all I have left, since Joe stole my line. Meh.

Gravatar “Do I have a rich fantasy life involving work, pirates and cowboys? ”

If you do, maybe you should write scripts for the adult film industry.

Wait… do they even use scripts???