So I thought I had money to do some Christmas shopping this paycheck. Turns out I forgot about the cable bill. I always forget about the cable bill. It’s 212.50 and covers cable, internet and the phone and my God, that’s really exprensive. We probably don’t need all the stations we have but it is our only luxury so we’re keeping it. For now. Plus, right now I am listening to The Eagles singing “Those Shoes” on Comcast’s music channels. Love classic rock.

Because I am short on money, I’m not going to Rob and Betty’s on Christmas Eve because I can’t afford to buy them a gift.* Plus Keem isn’t going home for Christmas so we’re going to have a nice dinner and I might try to make a creme brulee. I got a creme brulee kit thing a few months back when Linen and Things first started closing their stores. It is my favorite dessert and I can’t wait to try it out.

*I know they wouldn’t care but I still feel bad about it.

Plus I have got to get my happy pills prescription refilled. This is not a good time of the year to run out of pills, especially with the suckiness of the economy. But there’s another 25 bucks I am going to have to scrounge up from somewhere.

Oh well, in just 3 more payments, the lap top will be paid off and I can actually have some extra money again.

Anyway, here are pictures of the children. Well, mainly Kalli doing her best to destroy the household.

<Kalli watches Dungeons and Dragons

Kalli will sometimes stop tearing around the apartment and stare at the television. Keem and I were watching “Dungeons and Dragons” last month and Kalli was fascinated. Especially by the dragons.

As much as I sometimes think about throwing her away...

I did not throw her away, even though sometimes we think about it. She is kind of a pain.

Must be in everything

Yes. That is a cat in our junk drawer.

Must have ice.  Give me ice.

I mentioned she has an addition for ice, right? She is constantly trying to get into our glasses and it is normal to come out in the morning and find the glasses on the floor.

Eddy eats his hidden treats

The only way that Eddy gets treats is if we hide them from Kalli. We have to distract her with her own treats (which she typically will only eat if they are scattered on the coffee table. She has to stalk them and then knock them onto the floor. She’s weird).

Fat cat on hat

We bought the cats these crinkly bag toys – one is a tree and the other is a hat. Eddy loves to lie on them since he doesn’t fit inside them. They are so spoiled.

Meer cat in freezer

As you can see, our freezer is fairly full but can still hold a kitten. This is her meet cat pose. Any time I go to get ice, she has to be there. Climbing all over the place and trying to dive into the glasses. How many people do you know that have to say “Cat, get out of the freezer.”

And now, the many reasons why we aren’t having a Christmas tree this year.

How to amuse a cat

Here she has found the tree. Eddy likes to lie under the tree and pretend he is a present so we were hoping this was going to be the most she did. Ha.

Our new ornament

Nope. Got to pretend she’s an ornament.


Unplugging it didn’t fool her. She knew it was still there.

Why do I climb?  Because it's there.

And this is when she discovered she could climb the tree to get to the DVD rack and go from there to the bookshelf and the entertainment center.