·        Keem and I were supposed to go to LaCrosse this weekend and go shopping with Keem’s mom Kathy and bake cookies.  We did not because of the prediction of horrible driving conditions.

·        Instead, we went shopping on Saturday because Keem had Christmas presents to purchase

·        One of the presents she bought was for her niece Kylie.  I know I should be against encouraging girls to only think about their hair and makeup and maybe a good book would be better but this is seriously the coolest thing ever and Keem and I both want it.  Maybe Kylie will let us play with it the next time we go to LaCrosse. 

·        I should also hate it because it is called Stylin’ Studio and is also encouraging girls to drop the g but I am really bad at this when it comes to things as well (case in point – my insistence on referring to things as “rockin’.”  Because it’s not bad enough that I drop the g, I also have to date myself as being one from the 80’s.  But seriously.  You can take your picture with the built in digital camera and then change your hair style!  I could see what I would look like with pink streaks in my hair and then forward the picture to my mom and freak her out.  My mom is against the idea of pink streaks and also not overly fond that I am dying my hair a burgundy color.  Kari once told me “That is not a color you can find in nature” and I believe my intelligent response was “What’s your point?”

·        Keem bought her nephew Drake this really cool space rocket thing that makes noises and has an alien space ship.  We kind of want to play with that as well.

·        I am incredibly grateful to Super America for coming up with their Speedy Rewards Points redemption thing.  Because of this, I was able to exchange points for a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and thus was able to purchase two books.  JD Robb’s Salvation in Death and a new Charlaine Harris book about a completely different heroine than Sookie Stackhouse called Grave Sight.  Why do my favorite authors insist on doing this to me?  Do they not understand my book shelf is already packed?  Of course, if they didn’t, I would be complaining a lot about not having anything to read.

·        We also went to Pier One where we did not purchase anything and drove by Bath and Body Works and lusted after the glorious scents and lotions and yummy smelling body wash.  Unfortunately BBW is NOT in the budget.  But God, how I really want the Midnight Pomegranate body wash.

·        We also went to Jo-Ann’s because our department was having a contest called Operation Snowman.  We have a Fun Committee (apparently to stimulate morale) and this was their idea.  The whole idea is that you make a snowman out of any material other than snow. 

·        Keem and I decided we needed to do this.  I thought about cross stitching some snowmen but we had about a week to do it and I am not that quick of a cross stitcher.  Instead Keem came up with the idea to create a group of tiny snowmen and base them on our teams (she’s on the Help Desk; my team is the monitoring team).  We were going to try to make snowmen for the other people on our side of the call center but realized this would soon get expensive.  As it was, our supplies from Jo-Ann’s ended up being about $32.  This is not in my budget but Keem paid for them.

·        Here are some pictures of the awesome little snowpeoples.  Keem and I made these on Sunday night during “Craft Hour.”  I decided we needed to be more creative and this gave us something to do while we were exercising (or to be more exact, bouncing on yoga balls.  Not the most energetic but it’s a start, right?).



As you can see, the snow storm isn’t that evenly dispersed.  I was on one side, Keem was on the other when the picture was being snapped.



Close up on the faces.  I am quite proud of them but want to state for the record that this was just a tad difficult.  Tiny beads want to disappear into the Styrofoam.  Also, quite fond of the snowman with the snowball on his head. 


The snow flakes are made from corn starch and are eco-friendly instead of being from polyester.  The snowballs are tiny little pom poms.  We thought about stringing some on a clear beading filament so it looked like the snowballs were flying but decided that was too much work.

·        Kalli was quite fond of the snowpeoples and tried to eat them.  Multiple times.  Tiny little heads were rolling.  Plus Eddy decided to start playing with the beading wire.  Craft Hour only really works if you don’t have cats.

·        Also Sunday night, I had a lovely experience.  I had placed my laptop on the coffee table so I could use the TV Tray for Craft Hour (someday I’m going to get Dave from IKEA (Dave is a laptop desk and Beth has him and I love him and want one for my very own.  TV Trays do not work well as laptop desks).  Anyway, I got up after dinner to bring our plates back into the kitchen and get Keem some more water.

·        And my toe caught on the laptop cord because hey, let’s leave the thing plugged in and let the cord stretch across the ground.  That’s brilliant!

·        So I went falling face forward, in what seemed to be slow motion.  I managed to put my arm out and twist my body enough that I didn’t smash into the coffee table (which is glass so that could be quite painful) or break the dishes.

·        Keem asked me if I was okay and I promptly burst into tears.  And told her I was broken.

·        I am not broken.  But I sure am bruised.  And can laugh about it now but gosh darnit, that freakin’ hurt!  I blame the laptop.  Which I still have not named.  Odd.  Zoe (the camera) received her name in 2 days top.

·        Also, we found out that Keem’s dad, Gary, is in the hospital because he was feeling weak and didn’t bother to tell anyone about it until Saturday when he asked Keem’s mom, Kathy, to bring him in.  He had to have a transfusion of 5 pints of blood so they thought there might be internal bleeding.  Keem talked to him last night and he is mightily bored and hungry (they haven’t let him eat yet) but they can’t figure out was wrong.

·        He got to have a colonoscopy and they didn’t find anything.  So I guess he gets to swallow a camera today.  Gosh, that sounds like fun.

·        Your prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

·        I have a gigantic zit on my cheek.  It looks like an alien is trying to burrow itself out of my face.  Blech.

·        I bought a hat because it is colder than heck outside.  Negative 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  What the heck is this?  That is just wrong.  Wrong!  My mom is complaining because it’s below 60 degrees in Arizona.  Boo bad word hoo.

·        Break is over.  Back to work.  See ya!


Okay, let’s try the snowmen again.  Look to the left.  They are over in my flickr queue thing.  I will work this out.  I think it is because WordPress doesn’t like the fact that I did this in Word first.  Grr.