So.  Had quite the day yesterday.  Burst into tears twice (once frightening a male co-worker who then offered me his tea.  Which was sweet).  Possibly more than twice.  Thought about saying screw it all and quitting.  Realized making a decision like this when I’m having a crappy day and in this economy is probably not the best idea.  Came to my senses after crying on Co-Worker Jessica for a half hour.

Anyway, long story short, I am EXTREMELY overwhelmed at work.  Extremely.  Lots and lots of whelm is piling up on me (what exactly is a whelm anyway and how can it be over you?  These are things I wonder about) and I am at the edge about ready to jump (figuratively speaking).  When I get this way, it is helpful if there are things that make me laugh.

  • The Snowmen that Keem and I spent hours on (figured out how to link them.  Kind of mad that they’re so small and you have to actually click on the picture to make it big enough for you to see but the one of Patrick Stewart is well worth it.  Trust me)
  • LOL cats
  • Anything and everything Star Trek related
  • Imagining crushing my enemies like the little bugs that they are…oh wait, not that last one
  • Reading about how some stranger’s kid starts talking about how the earth is COLD and DARK (not sure why that makes me giggle but it did)
  • Keem’s dad being out of the hospital (okay, that didn’t make me laugh but it made me happy)

I hope you are not under a huge pile of whelm, gentle readers.  Have a good day.  I’m going to go read my book now.  Yay, books!