Sheryl from Paper napkin has been doing this and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.  She has been posting about the things that make her happy, something about 365 days of Grace or something like that.  Anyway, since it’s the close to the end of the year 2008 (how is this possible?  I once thought I wouldn’t make it to be 30 and now I’m living in the 21st century and am 41?  And where the heck is my flying car?)

I kind of did something like this yesterday and figured what the heck, why not again?  I doubt I could do this every day but it helps to think of pleasant things, especially when my old “friend” Depression is nipping at my heels.  She’s such a bitch.

  1. Comments!  I am a comment whore and I admit it freely.
  2. Friends, both IRL and on the interwebs.
  3. Books.  I love books so very much.  I love them with the passion of a thousand burning suns (the same passion for which I hate Nickelback (funny story (or sentence actually) my credit card has a contest going on where I could win the opportunity to follow Nickelback on tour for five days.  If I was to win, I think I’d have to decline because you would all wake up one morning to news stories about how I bludgeoned them to death with their instruments shouting “You should not be famous!  You are no-talent hacks!”).
  4. Um, I think I was talking about books, right?  Calming down now.  Hoping that no one actually budgeons Nickelback to death because I could be in big trouble.
  5. Anyway, books.  I love to read so very much.  I try to have a book with me at all times because you never know when you might have to wait for something.  Especially in the break room at work.  4 minutes waiting for your lunch to heat up just flies by when you have a book.
  6. Food days at work.  Someone brought in spiral hams and I was able to have ham sandwiches.  Plus there were ham pieces that were overly cooked and those are my favorite.  Mmm.  Ham.  Maybe I want a 3rd sandwich.
  7. The fact that my mom loves me enough to think about buying me an iPod for Christmas.  I have, however, squashed that idea by suggesting she visit my wish list on Amazon and choose something from that. 
  8. Joss Whedon.  Neil Patrick Harris.  Nathan Fillion.  The fact they have combined to create Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog makes me incredibly happy.  One of my suggestions on the Mom list.
  9. Discovering Charlaine Harris not only writes the Sookie Stackhouse books but has other series.  Found Grave Sight at Barnes and Noble the other day and have been devouring it.  This is a series about a woman who was struck by lightning when she was younger and can now find dead people.  I love paranormal mysteries.  Book 2 and 3 from the series are also on the Mom list.
  10. Knowing that Keem, Kari and I are going to make cookies this weekend with the nephew.  Should be seriously, seriously fun.  Or drive me insane.  One or the other.  And we need 20 pounds of flour.  This scares me.  That’s a lot of flour.
  11. Daily Dose of Imagery.  He’s in Canada somewhere and takes pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Today is a yellow tram and it is very cute.
  12. Music.  I love having my iPod at work and whenever this particular song comes on, it makes me want to sing and dance along. It’s happy and funny and the video is really cute.  I’ll have to check out her other music.  Thank you iTunes for free music on Tuesdays.
  13. I mentioned my fondness for the LOL cats, right?  At first I resisted them (it was the grammar and the spelling.  It made me hurt) but I learned resistance is futile and gave in.  Really, I should be pleased the cats can type instead of expecting them to spell correctly.  And look!  I have figured out how to insert the pictures properly!  YAY!