Hi.  I hope you are all doing well.

Me?  Oh, I’m great, if you consider having the world’s worst cold The!  Best!  Christmas!  Present!  Ever!  Personally, I don’t.  Keem is not enjoying it either.  She’s not sick but she is annoyed with me telling her I am sick of being sick.

I did get to talk to Johnny this morning when she called to wish me a Merry Christmas.  That was nice.  Also nice was watching one of my favorite 80’s Movies last night (The Money Pit) and realizing one of the words the minister woman says at the beginning of the movie was Beijo!  Beijo!  I turned to Keem and said “That’s what that means!  Kiss!  Kiss!”  Perhaps you had to be there but I was excited.

Keem and I were planning on visiting some friends today but the plague visitation has cancelled that idea.  Right now she is asleep on the chair, Eddy cuddled up on her chest.  She is making some funny noises as well.  Sometimes she snores but this is more of a cross between moaning and talking in her sleep.

Both Keem and I had been craving ham so she’s making that today.  We had bought it to have this weekend but what is a holiday a big feast?  I may not be able to eat much but I will enjoy it.

I am going to bed.  Have a good day and Happy Holidays to you all.