• I’m in a somewhat of a cranky mood so I am going to vant for a moment.
  • I promise these will be funny vants though.  No panicking, loyal subjects…I mean gentle readers.
  • So my friend Annette lent me a book series which I may read.  They are about vampires and I like vampire books (It’s actually more of a fondness of the paranormal, not the actual “I really hope that I meet a vampire” feeling).  But one thing is keeping me from possibly discovering another author that I might absolutely adore and have another way of staving off boredom.  And that is that the woman who wrote the books is named Raven Hart.  Right.  Your parents decided that you should be named dark deer.  Please.  I am fine with nom de plumes but does it have to be so cheesy?  Sheesh.
  • I am sick.  I am sick of being sick.  So very sick.  Sadness.
  • Okay, that wasn’t so funny.  Unless you could hear me singing the sickness song in my completely off-key, scratchy voice. 
  • I like to sing.  It amuses me.
  • Huh.  I think that might be it.  Is the only thing making me cranky the fact that I don’t like this woman’s name and that I’m sick?  That can’t be right.
  • Oh, wait, I forgot.  We’re out of Mountain Dew in the break room and no one will go up to SA for me.  Amber offered me an apple.  I am not sure how an apple is going to work.  She said she doesn’t have any symphathy for me because there are plenty of other pops.  Beau said there is no substitute for Mountain Dew and I agreed.
  • Beau also rejected candy earlier today from Keem because candy doesn’t have caffiene.
  • I think Pepsi should make a Mountain Dew flavored candy.  That is sugar free and tastes just like the pop and has no calories and would stave off my cravings for the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.
  • Rykken left early.  I am all alone in my corner of the office.  Aloooooooooooone.

Okay, I think I’m done.  Except it is supposed to snow and I reject the snow.  I wish I could greet it with the enthusiasm of Kalli (she chatters when she sees it and it is seriously cute.  Will post video someday) or this cat.


Stupid LOL cats.  They ruin a good crankiness with their cuteness.  Now I am smiling.