Last night, Keem and I decided to watch Die Hard.  We had been flipping through the cable channels the other weekend when Josh was over, trying to find a good movie for him.  While he’s allowed to watch some action movies (Transformers, the 3 Ninja movies), we quickly changed the channel.

Josh:  What’s that movie?
Dana:  That is not a Josh movie.
Keem:  That’s a mommy and daddy movie.
Josh:  I bet it is an Auntie Dana and Kim movie.
Dana:  That is true.  And one that I hope to watch with you when you are old enough.

So we taped it (I love having a DVR) and watched it last night.  While I still find Bruce Willis attractive so many years after first seeing Die Hard, there is something about a young John McClaine that makes my heart pitter patter.   And Alan Rickman.   Sigh.  Also still hot now but damn, he was so pretty.



I love action movies.  For me, a “good” movie is one with lots of stuff blowing up and at least one car chase (or, as in the case of Independence Day, a spaceship chase).  Beth and I tend to differ in opinion on this, she prefers her movies to have a plot as well.  While I prefer to skip dramas, she can usually convince me to watch them and then I get ticked off if I like the movie.  She made me watch The Departed the other day and I really enjoyed that although was seriously upset because it made me find Leonardo DeCaprio attractive and I didn’t like Matt Damon.  It’s usually the other way around. 

I didn’t really have a point here.  Other than the fact that I think Hollywood has spoiled me for real men.  How can I date anyone unless they can cock a shotgun with their armpits (The Rundown reference.  Mmm, that was a fantastic movie)?  Not that I’m actually looking to date but you know what I mean.