How I’ve Been Found


I am loving Word Press.  I was fooling around on my dashboard today and saw Blog Stats.  I used to do this every once in awhile, weird terms that people have used to find my blog and today’s was pretty interesting.


Such as co-worker back itch?  Really?


El Camino fifth wheel towing?  Cool. 


But the one that made me laugh the most was:


The Devil Went Down to Georgia Ryan Seacrest.


Not sure what they have to do with each other BUT it does kind of tie into my thinking he is the devil.




Last night Keem and I came home to see a package in the foyer.  Was it a new mask for my CPAP?  No.  It was from Las Vegas.


DM:  It’s from Vegas.

Keem:  Joe in Vegas?

DM:  Probably.  I love the fact that you know that.

Keem:  He’s the only person I know that lives in Vegas.  I’m excited!  What did he send?  I’m opening it for you.


And then she ripped the box out of my arms.  There were cookies!  Yay!  I completely forgot Joe was sending cookies.  For a brief moment I was expecting something clown related and was frightened.  Keem marveled over the really cute star one.


In lieu of pictures of my cat, I bring you LOL Cats


I will post pictures of Kalli and Eddy soon but my cord for my camera is missing.  I suspect Kalli stole it.  I suspect Kalli of everything.  With good reason.  The little brat decided she had to push Pig off of the buffet this morning.  Fortunately he did not break (Pig, for those of you not in the know, is my first piggy bank.  He was later married to Pigette and their offspring is named Pig Junior.  Yes, I am weird).