Disturbing Injury

Went to my chiropractor today and we talked about how my range of motion has seriously increased since I’ve been visiting him.  In fact, when I tripped over my laptop cord a few weeks ago, it hardly had any impact on me (I had some muscle spasms but they went away after the adjustment).  A year ago, that fall could have kept me in serious pain for weeks, if not months.

We started talking about the fact that the only consistent pain that I have now is in my left arm.  While that has improved greatly (since I can actually raise it over my head now instead of cradling it to my body hoping no one would touch it), there is still some pain.  I asked him about it today (I know.  You’d think I would have said something when I first started seeing him instead of, oh, three months later.  But I think it was because I was so excited that there was less pain everywhere and I kind of forgot).

He did a brief examination in which he touched my arm in various muscle group areas and where I yelled “Ow, ow, ow.  Please stop touching me!”  That typically makes him laugh because it’s pretty difficult to adjust someone if you can’t touch them.  Turns out that every single muscle group is inflamed.  And that my rotator cuff is doing something it isn’t supposed to do (I’m not exactly sure what that is – something about it is impinged?  And out of alignment?).  He asked me if I had ever heard of the rotator cuff and my immediate thought was of baseball pitchers and how you’re always hearing about how they did something to their rotator cuff and were on the bench because of it.

It leads to the question how exactly did this happen to me?  I’m right handed.  I have not pitched a baseball (or softball or any other type of ball) in years (at least 23).  How is it possible that my left arm has decided to pretty much separate from my dang body?  Okay, yes, I am exaggerating but seriously, when have you ever known me not to exaggerate?  Am I lurking around baseball fields in my sleep?

It pretty much means that I have to stop sleeping on my left side.  That could be part of the problem.   Next week I’ll be learning exciting new exercises because, while he can treat the arm, it makes it difficult to have any improvement while it is so inflamed.

Still Pretty in Pink but ticking me off a little

In other news, I am still loving my new iPod and discovering new music.  Beth gave me iTunes gift cards for Christmas and they made me so very happy.  I have purchased a ton of music, mainly stuff I haven’t listened to in years (Like Dan Seals Greatest Hits (I was quite fond of Country during the 80’s and saw him in concert.  It was awesome)) and some new music (more Country.  George Strait River of Love (really, really good) and SHeDAISY Don’t Worry About a Thing (makes me happy even though I am still worried about things) plus Pink’s Who Knew which makes me sad but it is still really pretty.  There are other songs but those are sticking out in my mind right now).  But the question I have to ask, now that I have loaded all these new songs on to my iPod, does she insist on playing Merle Haggard and the Eagles?  And Chicago.  I am so sick of Chicago.

For example, I just hit the next button and it was Merle Haggard, Herman’s Hermits (oh shut up), The Eagles, Neil Diamond, Neil Diamond, Merle Haggard, The Doors, The Doors.  Where is my new music?  And yes, I have to create a new playlist but that is not the point.  Read my mind, iPod.  Your cousin manages to read Beth’s.

On a happier note, I did load the South Park Christmas Album and was just reminded of how much I love It’s Christmas Time in Hell.  Awesome.

Sucked into Mindless Consumerism

Keem and I went shopping this weekend and joined Sam’s Club.  Yeah, like I really needed 45 peanut butter and cheese crackers (but I did get the sequel to Inkheart and am loving it.  Bless you, Cornelia Funke).  We also went to Target where I forgot to pick up my prescription for Happy Pills (been out for about a month.  Surprised I haven’t killed anyone yet) but did buy a rice cooker.  I fell in love with Beth’s during the great Scrapbooking Extravaganza.  Her’s is through Pampered Chef and is microwavable.  Mine is not, it is by Rival but I can steam vegetables and rice together and that is awfully exciting.  I look forward to breaking it out tonight.

I am trying something Sheryl from Paper Napkin is doing.  Instead of dieting, she’s making substitutions.  I am trying this and instead of Mountain Dew last week, I had Diet Coke.  I am beginning to like the taste of Diet Coke which is just freakin’ wrong.  I also picked up a 12 pack of Tab yesterday (and just realized that I am right, there is a difference in the taste, they replaced the Sacharin with NutraSweet.  Huh.  Do I like it?  Maybe.  Would I be happier if it was Mountain Dew?  Yes.  But I’m being strong.  Damn it.

Of course, substitution does not work in your favor if you decide to eat all 45 packets of the crackers instead of your lean fire roasted vegetables/three cheese ravioli from Market Pantry (okay, not 45 packets.  I am exaggerating again).  Or my weight in cookies instead of rice and broccoli.  But dang it, Joe sent them to me and they were yummy.

Hope you all had a good weekend!