In bullet points even!

  • I am so sick of winter.  It is freakin’ cold.  -21 degrees Fahrenheit the last two mornings (I am not sure what that is in Celsius except for maybe “Damn!  That’s cold.”).
  • My back has been aching the last few days.  Every time my back pops or cracks, it feels like bone rubbing up against bone.  This is not a happy, fun feeling.
  • Christy is also whining.  This is because she hates Gina.  You do not know who Gina is (and I don’t really either but I’m not happy with her for picking on my sweet, bubbly Co-Worker Christy) but she is mean and evil and thinks it is okay to talk to Christy’s roommate about how she and Christy are just terrible people because they don’t live their lives the way she wants them to.
  • Christy has said she doesn’t hate Gina but that’s okay.  I hate Gina enough for the both of us.
  • I’m really cranky and cold and did I mention cranky?  Plus, I am out of Tab.
  • Yes, that’s right.  I’m drinking Tab.  Instead of Mountain Dew.  I am considering it a victory.
  • But dang it, I really want Mountain Dew.

Yeah, pretty much that is it.  I hate winter, I want Mountain Dew and today I have to do laundry.