So Keem and I had a chiropractor appointment today.  We got the results from our last exam and our range of motion is improving.  This is a good thing.  The bad thing is that we now move from having an appointment once a week to now twice a month.  I kind of got used to being adjusted but will learn to deal with it, I guess.

One cool thing that happened today is that the doctor worked on my arm.  After digging his fingers into my shoulder muscles, massaging rapidly and ignoring my pleas for mercy (okay, mainly what I was saying was “Ow, ow, ow.  Ow-ow-OW-ow.”), he had me lift my arm over his shoulder and gently tugged up on it.  I felt something move, I am assuming back into the right place since he had said my joint was out of alignment.  He also gave me some exercises to use to keep my arm mobile instead of babying it.

About three hours later, I realized something.  Something was missing.  What was it?  Oh!  I know.  It was pain!  Instead of the weird “twisted” feeling that I got all day with the sometimes shooting pain that liked to shoot up my arm (which I guess is why it is called shooting pain), it felt normal.  Just like my right arm felt.  I did the exercise he suggested and did not scream out in agony.

He also explained why I am always so much more sore than Keem is (apparently it is not because I have a low tolerance for pain (or at least that’s not the only reason) but my muscles are all inflamed.  So then we got to discuss the things I can do to improve this.  It involves no sugar.

I told him I had switched to Tab instead of Mountain Dew and he said that was good but there’s also artificial sweetner in Tab.  To which I replied “Dude.  You’ve got to give me something.”  That got a laugh.

So anyway, I’m going to try to give up sugar.  Something that I maybe should have done back when I was diagnosed as being diabetic.  I don’t know how well this is going to work and there might be a lot of cursing involved but today I did not go and seek out chocolate but instead had a granola bar.  One of those crunchy Kashi ones that are kind of like eating cardboard, only it is somewhat tasty cardboard.  It’s a start.  I’m not supposed to go cold turkey (I think if I did, there would be many dead people scattered around me.  I’m kind of a cranky person).

Wish me luck.  I’m supposed to exercise as well.  Damn it.  Stupid doctors and all their suggestions for your health.  Why is it that everything I like is so bad for me?  WHY?  I had to give up my yummy peanut butter crackers because of a stupid salmonella scare (I am making Christy hold onto them for now.  She looked at me and asked “If I don’t hold onto them, would you actually still eat them?”  My response was “Well, yeah.  They’re yummy.  And I haven’t died yet.  But if you hold them, I won’t think about them”)