Snort.  Yeah.  Like I’ve ever given an unbiased movie review in my life.  Either I really, really, really like the movie or I absolutely hate it (there have been a few, not every movie is the BEST!  MOVIE!  EVER!).

Anyway, this weekend, even though it was freakin’ cold outside, Keem and I decided we wanted to go to the movies.  After talking to my sister, it was decided we were going to make a girl’s day out of it.  The movies chosen for the day were “Paul Blart, Mall Cop” and “Inkheart.”  I had lent Kari my copy of “Inkheart” and she had finished it in about a week, which, for those of you who do not know my sister, is a miracle.  Kari and I are exact opposites when it comes to reading – I personally feel that I need books more than air and Kari is not overly fond of reading.  In fact, when I actually see her with a book, I may actually squeal with glee.  Having a kid seems to have changed her mind though, she is starting to read more.

So we told Kari we were going to Inkheart at 12:40 but soon realized we gave her the wrong time.  Mall Cop started then.  I reached Eric and told him the situation.  He said he would check with Kari to see if she wanted to go to Mall Cop with us or if we would just meet her for Inkheart.

The phone rings and it is Eric. 

Eric:  She wants to see the fat man fall down.*

*I later found out that this is not what Kari said.  This was Eric’s comment.

We met Kari at the Marcus Theaters and proceeded to go see Mall Cop.  Without giving tons of spoilers away, may I just tell you that this movie was awesome?  Not only is Kevin James a genius when it comes to slapstick but there is also a gang of bad people that break into the mall and proceed to do really, really, really, really cool stunts on bikes and skateboards (I love this stuff.  I have been trying to convince Beth and/or Keem that we should go to the extreme motorcross thingy.  Oddly enough they both laughed hysterically and said no).  Plus, Leader Bad Guy?  Hot.  Although I have a weakness for bad guys so I may be somewhat biased (fictional bad guys.  Real-life bad guys are rarely ever hot and also appear to be very stupid).

Inkheart was also fantastic.  The movie is based on the Cornelia Funke book of the same name and there have been changes.  I was able to overlook the changes (which is weird because typically I freak out over this sort of thing.  In fact, I had the worst time watching Hercules (with Kevin Sorbo) because I kept pointing out “That wasn’t what happened.”  Because mythology is always so true to life, you know) and just lose myself in the movie but that may have been because the movie stars Brendan Fraser (I love him so much) and when I read Inkheart, I had pictured him the entire time (the author actually based the character on him.  How cool is that?). 

Both movies were fantastic.  What was not fantastic was Keem tripping and falling at the end of Inkheart (she’s okay now but was pretty sore after it happened) and the comedy of errors that happened to Kari and myself.  Between her losing her keys (and later finding them in her purse) and her mittens (later finding them on the pay phone where she realized she couldn’t find her keys) and my misplacing the headset (hearing amplifier thingy?) I need so I can follow dialougue and later finding it by the trash can, there was a good 10 minutes spent searching for stuff.

Afterwards, we went to Ruby Tuesday and enjoyed a good lunch.  You have to love a place that has Craisins for their salad bar.  And flavored iced teas!

I am not sure how the Petsmart walk went for my mom but I do know she made her goal.  

So very tired.  Tax season is starting (oh joy) and yesterday we had 54 calls in queue.  Thankfully I did not have to answer any of them but it could still happen.

Convinced former fake fiance Jamie to go to SA for me and buy me two one-liter bottles of Diet Coke.  I am really starting to crave the stuff and nearly freaked out when I realized the pop machine was out of it.  I didn’t even think about getting Mountain Dew instead. 

I love having my iPod at work.  When I start falling asleep, I put it on the fastest song in my playlist (OK GO, Here it goes again) and walk around the building.  If I play it twice, I can circle the building twice (on the inside) and get my heart rate up.  It helps keep me motivated and awake.

Hope you all had a great weekend!