Last night, Keem and I were sitting in the living room, watching Charlie’s Angels:  Full Throttle (not the best movie ever made but I tend to relate to Drew Barrymore’s character since we both have a thing for bad boys (plus there’s that whole great moment where she and the Thin Man realize that they’re perfect for each other and have this great kiss which makes me happy (and then he gets killed which really ticks me off)) and there’s bombs and car chases and a flying Demi Moore so it appeals to my need for violence and explosions) and once again, I’ve gone off on a tangent.  Let’s try again.

Last night, Keem and I were sitting in the living room, watching Charlie’s Angels:  Full Throttle when Kalli in her “I must hunt down all ice cubes and destroy them” phase decided to knock over Keem’s ice water.  Said ice water fell onto Keem’s laptop.  This is not good.

After much cursing (on Keem’s part) and meowing (on Kalli’s part while she rejoiced that she had triumphed over the evil ice cubes), I found Co-Worker Beau’s phone number and called him.  Keem explained what had happened and Beau said he would be over in a few minutes (because he is awesome).

Beau arrived and looked over the computer.  Keem had already removed the battery and used compressed air to get as much water as possible out of the keyboard.  Beau told Keem to let it dry out and try restarting it in the morning (and it worked!  Woo-hoo!).  He then looked at Kalli who was trying her best to demonstrate what an angel she is (hah!  Everyone at work has heard the stories, they aren’t buying it).

CWB:  Hello, freaky kitty.  She’s really gorgeous.
DM:  Yes, she is.  Want to take her home?
CWB:  Laughs.
Keem:  She’s not kidding.

Later that night, I’m talking to Beth.  Kalli is wandering around, whining about “how no one loves me or feeds me and oh, hey, why don’t I just push Keem’s computer onto the ground and break one of the keys off of it and did I mention that I’m STARVING!”

DM (to Beth):  Hold on a second.

I put the phone down.

DM (to Kalli):  For the love of GOD, shut it!

I pick the phone up.

DM (to Beth):  Want a cat?
Beth:  Kind of.  But not Kalli!

She’s a wise woman, that Beth.

I am leaving work in a few minutes so I can go to a new dentist and be yelled at.  I am sure there will be a lecture or two about the fact that I’ve not been to a dentist in at least 10 years.  And I don’t floss.  And I subscribe to the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  Or, if it is broken but not causing massive amounts of pain, don’t fix it” philosophy.  This is probably not a healthy philosphy.  Plus, there’s been the occasional throbbing emanating from the giant hold where my filling fell out last year.  It’s probably time to get this worked on.  Stupid teeth.

But hey, maybe the dentist will want a cat!