And other odd things I’ve done lately.  With bullet points!

  • I have a strange fascination for hair.
  • If someone has their hair in a ponytail, I have a tendency to bat at it.
  • Most of my co-workers are used to this.
  • But I may have frightened one of them today.

DM:  Your hair is pretty.

Pokes at shiny barrette.

DM:  And you have a shiny thing in it.
Co-worker:  Oh-kay.

  • Yesterday Christy was wearing these dangling, shiny earrings and was standing at my desk, asking me a question.  Out of the corner of her eye, she can see my hand reaching towards her.

Christy:  What are you doing?

Instead of responding like a normal person, I start batting at the earring.

DM:  Pretty.

  • Keem typically had to tell me to stop playing with the air freshener in the car. 
  • I stopped doing that because I don’t care for the dolphin air freshener, it doesn’t bat very well.
  • I like to see how far I can get with annoying Keem before she snaps.  Sometimes she’s fine with it and then other times, she has the “You.  Shut up NOW” look and I know it is not worth it to continue.
  • Yesterday we were at Target and found a small stuffed rabbit and duck that someone had abandoned in the candy section of the check out lane.

Keem:  These are cute.
DM:  They have been abandoned.  We should rescue them!
Keem:  They’re only a dollar each.
DM:  Yes, we should adopt them.
Keem:  I get the duckie.
DM:  They should be together.
Keem:  They can stay at my desk, I need Easter decorations.
DM:  And every day I can come over and re-enact the adventures of Duckie and Bunny.

I pick up the stuffed animals and start making them dance, humming a little tune.  The cashier starts laughing.  Keem sighs.

Keem:  You are such a dork.
DM (to cashier):  Sometimes I like to see how much I can annoy her.  Like talking about the farm we’re going to buy when we’re old and where we will raise kittens.*
Cashier:  Okay.
DM:  Want to talk about the farm, Keem?
Keem:  You.  Shut up NOW.

Okay, she didn’t actually say that but she did raise her hand up in a “Please get away from me, you freak, you are driving me insane” motion.

*This is something I usually do when we’re driving somewhere and I want to read but she’s not in the mood to let me read .  But if I jabber at her long enough, she’ll usually let me.

  • Speaking of cats, Kalli had her rabies shot last week.  She does not care for trips to the vet, mainly because we make her sit in the cat carrier instead of scampering all over the car like she would want.  We’d be okay with this, if she didn’t automatically make a bee-line for Keem’s feet.  Have you ever tried to drive a car when there’s a cat at your feet?  It makes having to brake interesting.
  • In the cat carrier, she starts doing barrel rolls in an attempt to destroy the carrier.  It’s actually kind of funny but she also yowls like you wouldn’t believe.
  • While I was waiting for our appointment, she was expressing her displeasure to the world.

Kalli:  MROWWWWWWWW! (Translated to mean “Oh my GOD, you humans are so cruel!”)
DM:  Yes, yes, your life is so terrible.  No one loves you.
Vet Receptionist:  Starts laughing because it is the same tone you would use with a teenager.  It’s a tone we use with her often. 

  • She will be spayed next week.  It should be interesting to see if she mellows out at all.
  • Eddy seems to be much happier to have her around than when we first got her.
  • He’s been chasing her around the apartment and it is seriously cute.  You can also hear him calling for her when he’s in a playful mood.
  • You know what is fun?  When you get a free song from iTunes that you completely love and then a couple of months later you hear it on the radio.  It makes me happy for the artists.  I love Free Music Tuesdays, I’ve found some great songs because of it.  Don’t always care for every song but it’s still a cool idea and I’m glad they do it.
  • Okay, lunch is just about over.  Hope you are having a good week.