My weekend was, well, there. Keem and I did laundry which is always a laugh riot (although, actually sometimes it is, especially if you find kitty toys hidden in with your clothes. Or the weird, creepy guy trys to hold a conversation with you). We also went to Catherine’s where I bought cute and cheap clothes by attacking the clearance rack. And also bought jeans that fit and do not try to slither down my body whenever I walk down a flight of stairs or do anything more strenuous than standing completely still. This is an important thing to check jeans for. If you do not have to unbutton them to get them on, they are probably too big. And we made a trip to the Big Book Store in the Sky (that would be Barnes and Noble. I’m not sure why we call it that. Perhaps it is because this store is what I picture Heaven to be like. Comfy chairs and books as far as the eye can see) where I bought the new JD Robb book. Yay for futuristic homicide detectives with hot husbands!

Kalli is going to the vet tomorrow. We cannot feed her after 8 PM tonight. This is not going to go well because Kalli likes her treats. And she will wake us up at 6:30 to let us know that she believes we are slacking in the parenting department and must feed her now. She is usually in Keem’s room at 6:30 and mine about 6:45 and then will alternate between us. Usually Keem gets the brunt of it with Kalli jumping on top of her, meowing piteously and then something will freak her out so she will go “EEP!” and run away. And then repeat until we finally get up at 7:30 or so.

Eddy and Kalli are playing together more and more each day. Kalli follows him everywhere which is incredibly cute. The other day she climbed into his cat bed with him and instead of initiating a play fight, she started giving him a bath. Eddy reciprocated while Keem and I watched and said “Aww” a lot. No pictures of it because we knew perfectly well that they would both run away if I got up to get the camera.

Got a reprimand today for working overtime and not putting it on my time card. Apparently that is wrong. I cannot do it again because I’d be placed on a performance plan if I do. However, I finally said something to everyone about having too much work to do and I need help. Help finally arrived and so I’m not as panicked about everything.

Kari, Eric and Josh came over this weekend. Josh is in love with my roommate. It’s quite cute actually, he follows her everywhere and calls her “My Kimmy” except he can’t say K’s and so it sounds like “My Timmy.” We watched Spy Kids 3 last night and Josh liked the movie and wants to watch the other ones now. Which is cool, I love the movies as well. They’re a little silly but fun to watch with kids.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Dana out.