First of all, thank you for your birthday wishes and your reminders that it is really important that I take my pills.  I appreciate that.

Second, that was the shortest depression I have ever had (the longest lasted 6 months) and it snapped yesterday.   I do not know the exact time but I do know that I was in a much better mood.

Yesterday I played on the computer, watched TV (trying to get caught up on about 11 back episodes of Heroes.  I have a vague idea of what is going on, thanks to Beth), took a nap and cuddled with kitties.  It was awesome.  For the most part.  There were two things that weren’t 100% spectacular.

Number 1 – When Keem came home, I was able to tell her how Kalli is proving herself to be a little sister to Eddy.  Gosh, did it bring back memories of growing up with Kari.  Kari’s nickname was Brat.  It suited her very well.  In fact, if you would have told me 27 years ago that Kari would become one of my best friends, I would have laughed in your face. 

Kalli did the following yesterday:

  • Are you in the cat bed, Eddy?  I want to be in the cat bed.  Let me sit on top of your head until you move. 
  • Are you on the Papasan chair, Eddy?  It’s mine!  MINE!  Let me chew on your ears until you move.
  • Oh!  Hey, Eddy got treats.  I have treats as well but I want his treats.  I am just going to crawl underneath him and push him out of the way.
  • Are you lying there comfortably on the floor, not bothering anyone?  Well, I want that spot of the floor.  Get out!

And so on.  It is somewhat aggravating.  Eddy is incredibly patient, however.  I want to tell him that in a year or so, he and Kalli will be best friends but I know he’d give me the same look that I gave my mom.  The look that says “Seriously?  Woman, are you on crack?”*

*Although, in the 80’s we didn’t know about crack.  Instead I think I gave her the look that said “Dude, what are you smoking?”

Number 2 – after I woke up from my nap (because the stupid apartment right above us is being remodeled.  Apparently I can sleep through a fire alarm but not jackhammers), I noticed something else that was aggravating.  I had a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  This is wrong.  Apparently, on my birthday, God decided I needed the plague.  This did make me decide to unload and load the dishwasher and also vaccum.  For whatever reason, when I get sick, I decide the germs are out to get me and I must destroy them all.

Later that night, Kari came over for girl’s night (every Wednesday) and we watched Chopped on The Food Network (Like Iron Chef but with more drama) and then, to our surprise and excitement, America’s Next Top Model started last week.  We were very happy because honestly, there is nothing funnier than skinny women being forced to live in a house together.  The drama is unbelievable.  And watching one of the prettiest girls ever sobbing because her hair got cut short and she only feels pretty if she covers it up?  Oh, my God, you just want to smack her.  There is one girl we are rooting for, I can’t remember her name but she is a burn victim and wants to be a role model for other burn victims to show them that you can be beautiful even if you are scarred.  I think it is going to be tough for her because not everyone will see things that way, especially in the fashion industry.  But my God, is she beautiful.  She stood there in her bathing suit, proud of herself and it made me happy to see someone take on the fashion industry.  It makes up for the crap about some designer saying Heidi Klum is fat.  Gosh, I wish I was fat like Heidi Klum.

Kari stopped at Culver’s and picked up a Turtle Cake.  It was fantastic.  Eric and Josh called and sang Happy Birthday to me.  My Mom called later that night and also sang Happy Birthday to me. 

So, even though I had to have a nervous breakdown to get the time off (we have a PTO freeze right now), it was worth it.  Now if I could just get rid of this damn plague.