Other than having the plague and managing to pass it on to Keem (which she was completely thrilled about, let me tell you), I did have a great weekend.

On my way down to the lobby to meet Beth, I got onto the elevator to see a somewhat punkish but polite young man.  We exchanged nods.  Two floors later, this group of annoying preppy people pile onto the elevator.  There’s seven of them.  Five are on the elevator and two say they will take the next one down.  Someone on the elevator says “Oh, c’mon, we can make it.”

So I smush into the corner as much as possible while they debate back and forth about whether the two will get on the elevator.  Finally the two get on when one of the five says “We’re holding up the elevator for other people.”

Which, hey, nice that they acknowledged us, right?

So Mr. Drunky McDrunkerson gets on the elevator (did I mention they were all wearing green?  And that it wasn’t even 7 PM? And he was carrying a beer?) along with the 5th member of the “Oh, gosh, we’re so pretty and blonde and shined and buffed to the nines and let us giggle incessantly on everything Mr. McDrunkerson does…because he’s so hot and gosh, I like him” girls.

McDrunkerson waits for the elevator door to start closing and then makes this weird little sound and sticks his leg out.  This makes the automatic eye stop the elevator door. 

OH!  You’re so funny!  HAHAHAHA!

He does this FOUR times!  Four. 

I was about ready to kill him.

Finally, one of the girls tells him to knock it off (I don’t think the other guy spoke one word) and he listens.  The other one whines about how he never calls her.  What?  Why would you want him to call you?  He’s an ass.  A drunken ass.

When I got into Beth’s car, I gave her permission to run him down.  She did not.  Sadness.

Beth and I scrapbooked Saturday night until about 4 on Sunday morning.  Sunday we went to pick up Char and meet Keem in Minneapolis where we went to see the Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company present Ruddigore.  This is Beth’s favorite of the Gilbert and Sullivan plays (operas?  Operettas?  Whatever) and I was able to see why.  It was hilarious and skewed society even more than G&S usually did. 

After the operetta let out, we journeyed through Minneapolis to Fogo de Chao which is a Brazillian steakhouse.  Neither Keem and I have been there before but we plan on coming back many, many times.  It was fantastic.  As Char put it “There’s all this meat walking by and they keep bringing us beef.”  What’s not to love?  Handsome men with accents, great food and creme brulee for dessert.  Creme brulee is my favorite dessert ever.  I had gone to the bathroom and there was a conspiracy with the attractive waiter to surprise me.  Yay! 

It was time for me to make a wish and I closed my eyes.  I was drawing a blank.

DM:  I don’t know what to wish for!  I have everything!*
Beth:  Do you have an android boyfriend?
DM:  Oh!  No, I don’t!
Char:  Dana wants an android boyfriend?  What?

*This is the miracle of happy pills.  Just four days ago, I was completely miserable.  Once the chemical balance is dealt with, I can recognize how great my life is (well, except for bills.  They suck).

After dinner, Keem went home and I journeyed with Beth to drop Char off and then go scrapbook for a few more hours.  I’m getting further with my Portugal album.  I might even finish it before the 5th anniversary of our trip there.

I hope you all had a great weekend!