Sunday night, Beth pulls into my parking lot and, as we are wont to do, we spend some time talking about the past weekend and upcoming plans for scrapbooking weekends.  The song “Brandy” by Looking Glass comes on.  Beth automatically turns the song up and we sing along quite happily.  The windows are rolled down because it is 50 (FIFTY!) degrees at 11:30 PM.  It’s a heat wave!


As the song is coming to a finish, we realize there is a man walking past the car.  He has his recycling in hand.  While he doesn’t acknowledge us, we laugh as we realize he was just treated to the impromptu concert.


DM:  I have this on my iPod and was listening to it one day at work.  I asked if anyone ever wondered what happened to her.

Beth:  She serves them whiskey and wine.


The conversation went like this:


DM:  Do you guys ever wonder what happened to Brandy?

Co-Worker Christy:  Brandy who?

DM:  You know.  Brandy, you’re a fine girl…

CWC:  I still didn’t know who that is.

DM:  ARGH!  You are so young (she’s 23).

Co-Worker Rykken:  I know who she is, Dana.

DM:  Good.  Do you ever wonder what happened to her?

CWR:  No.


This makes us crack up because, while Beth has never met Co-Worker Rykken, she is more than aware of his dry sense of humor.


But don’t you ever do that?  Wonder about what happened after the song or the story or even the movie ends?  I do. 


I like to think that the sailor shows up one day, walks up to Brandy and says “Hey, babe, how about you and I settling down?”  And Brandy smiles prettily and says “Dude, I got over you, married someone else, own my own bar and am completely and utterly happy without you.”  And the sailor is very upset by this and throws himself into the cruel, cruel Sea.


Or, if I’m in a romantic and sappy mood, I like to think that the sailor realizes that the cruel, cruel Sea is not exactly true love material and he takes Brandy on the ship with him and they are still sailing around to this very day (except, you know, really old.  Perhaps they are ghosts.  That’s romantic!).